TCS joins Jaguar Racing as Title partner

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Tata Consultancy Services, on Tuesday, has announced that they have become a title partner of Jaguar Racing ahead of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in 2021-22. The iconic British racing team will now be known as Jaguar TCS Racing. 

TCS and Jaguar Land Rover have been working together on multiple projects since 2012. Their alliance has grown stronger and evolved over time with cooperative projects and efforts in areas like connected product engineering and digital transformation.

“We are delighted to expand our partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and join forces as Jaguar TCS Racing to harness collective knowledge and to innovate for a sustainable future for all. As the world races towards electrification, this collaboration will pave the way for the adoption of advanced technologies, utilization of cleaner energy, and the evolution of novel business models. Our efforts will go beyond business to make a lasting impact on people, communities, and the planet.” 

Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO & MD, TCS

The CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Motorsport, Thierry Bolloré, called the partnership a perfect example of the synergies that exist within the Tata group. He says that “Motorsport is the ultimate challenge and to succeed in this highly competitive arena you must excel in all areas. Technology, innovation, agility, unity, and teamwork are all important learnings which we can implement across the company and wider group.” Recognizing the benefits of the union, he said that he wants to ensure that their future motorsport activity structure is set up for maximum success.

It is expected that Jaguar TCS Racing will become a catalyst for electrification, promoting low carbon emissions and long-term mobility with the expertise of TCS in technological transformation and experience working with leading EV companies. Together they will build a dynamic platform that will drive research and innovation while steering toward advanced concepts and electric vehicle (EV) technologies over the course of this multi-year cooperation. 

The team principal of Jaguar TCS Racing, James Barclay says, “Launch day is always exciting as we look forward to the possibilities of the upcoming season after months of hard-work behind the scenes. Welcoming a brand-new title partner – TCS – is a real honor and we look forward to a highly innovative and successful partnership together. It’s an announcement we’ve been looking forward to revealing and this is an exciting time to see a global leader like TCS joining other blue-chip brands in FIA Formula E. After our most successful season to date we have been working hard to improve further on our performance with the aim to race for more points, wins and ultimately the world championship.”

With only 87 days until the commencement of the new season, Jaguar TCS Racing is focusing on fine-tuning the team’s most successful race car in Formula E history. They will be revising the software to improve energy management, make the race car faster and more efficient.

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