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Size: Employment, Branches and Presence

IndusInd Bank Limited is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra with its head office. It provides electronic banking, commercial and transactional products and services. The bank was welcomed by Union Finance Minister Shri Manmohan Singh in April 1994. It is the new-generation private bank in India. It continued its operations with 100 crores in capital out of which sixty crores are invested by Indians and forty crores are invested by non-residents Indians. It is specialized in retail banking and has several branches across India. According to IndusInd Bank, its name is taken from Indus Valley Civilization. The number of employees working in IndusInd Bank is more than 30,674. The bank was established in 1994 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. IndusInd Bank has almost 2,015 branches with 2,886 ATMs across 760 geographical locations of the country till 30 September 2021. Sumant Kathpalia is the Chief Executive Officer of IndusInd Bank. The bank has subsidiaries of Asset Management Arm, IndusInd Bank Ltd., IndusInd Financial Inclusion and many more. Arun Tiwari is the latest chairperson of the Board and other members include Rajiv Aggarwal, T. T. Ram Mohan, Akila Krishnakumar, Siraj Chaudhary, Shanker Annaswamy, and Kanchan Chitale.

History, Mission and Vision

IndusInd Bank started its banking work on 17th April 1994 under the Chairmanship of S. P. Hinduja with the main objective is to serve the NRI community. The bank had fulfilled the necessities of both corporate and consumer customers with its technical platform supporting multi-channel delivery capabilities. It was founded to deliver Branch banking, corporate banking and finance, commercial and transaction banking, Cash management services, Consumer finance, Trade services utility, Treasury operations, Depository operations, Wealth management and many more. A strong footprint is established by IndusInd Bank with 2.5 crores customers, 5,000 distribution points and more than 2,000 branches across the country. It offers several products and services including individuals and corporates personal loans, microfinance, commercial vehicle loans, SME loans and credit cards. The bank is a preferred banking partner for several Government enterprises, large PSUs and corporates.

Mission and Vision

IndusInd Bank has a future mission to add value to all stakeholders by providing sustainability of the organization and arose as India’s most preferred bank with excellent financial metrics in the banking industry.

IndusInd Bank has a core vision 

  • To provide a relevant banking partner and business proposition to its customers.
  • Offering customer-responsive services in collaborating with customers for the best banking solutions.
  • Providing a forerunning marketplace in terms of efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • Involved with all its shareholders to deliver sustainable and compliant growth and returns.
  • Presenting as a modified agent for financial operations in India.

Contribution and Statistics

IndusInd Bank has shareholder’s funds of INR 23,841.64 crores in the financial year of March 2018. It has deposits and borrowings of INR 1,51,639.17 crores and INR 38,289.08 crores in the financial year of March 2018. The bank has other liabilities and provisions of INR 7,856.27 crores in the financial year of March 2018. IndusInd bank has a net value of INR 43365.41 crores with a share capital and reserve surplus of INR 778.78 crores and INR 42,273.02 crores. The total assets of IndusInd bank are INR 3.07 lakh crores. IndusInd bank is now approved to handle payment regarding CBDT, CCBIC and GST on the behalf of State and Central Government. IndusInd bank has served a lot to India during the COVID-19 pandemic by consistently maintaining cash balance in its ATMs for routine transactions. It has also launched WhatsApp, IndusNet banking and Alexa Video and Audio banking to serve customers with safety for secured transactions from their homes during a pandemic.


IndusInd Bank has declared its partnership with the Government of Maharashtra and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) at the first edition of the Mumbai Fintech Accelerator Programme as a banking partner. It is aimed to convert Mumbai into a global Fintech hub. This bank is also working with Vistara to launch co-branded credit cards. IndusInd Bank is partnered with Indel Money for providing 20% funding for a gold loan for borrowers through co-lending arrangements. It serves the customers for documentation, sourcing, collection and loan servicing. IndusInd Bank with Indel Money provides gold loans to its customers based on mutually organized credit analysis and eligibility criteria.

Future Perspective

The latest price of IndusInd Bank is INR 1188.75 and its current capitalization stood at INR 92028.43 crores. The organization has accounted for gross sales of INR 289997.97 crores with a total income of INR 355584.09 crores. The bank has declared to go live as a Financial Information Provider under the new Account Aggregator Framework for the scheme of RBI. It has become the first bank for open banking under the control of RBI through which individuals and small and mid-sized businesses can avail services. They can avail benefits of deposit tracing, account statements, investment planning, credit card tracking on a single platform.     

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