Vifor Pharma supports international alliances to educate people about the importance of iron for the body

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Vifor Pharma is supporting a growing international coalition to educate people about the importance of iron for the body and what might happen if iron levels are not correctly regulated for the seventh year in a row on Iron Deficiency Day.

Iron deficiency affects roughly half of individuals with chronic kidney disease and chronic heart failure, and it’s linked to a lower quality of life, a higher chance of hospitalization, and a higher risk of cardiovascular death.

Iron deficiency is still under-recognized, despite its significant consequences and high prevalence. During the COVID-19 pandemic, diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency were further hindered by patients’ limited access to healthcare, resulting in even more instances going untreated.

“We are pleased to join our partners in supporting Iron Deficiency Day 2021, at a time when pressures on healthcare systems exacerbated by the pandemic mean that awareness around the importance of iron is more pertinent than ever. Together, we are dedicated to support people at risk of and living with iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia so they can lead better, healthier lives.”

Abbas Hussain, CEO of Vifor Pharma Group

“COVID-19 is having a significant impact on access to care. With many healthcare systems facing significant backlogs, patients experiencing iron deficiency symptoms have been less likely to seek support from healthcare professionals,” said Dr. Ewa Anita Jankowska, Professor at Wroclaw Medical University, Poland.

She continues, “However, iron deficiency is easily diagnosed and treatable. It is therefore vital that we raise awareness of this debilitating disease and ensure individuals understand how to recognize the symptoms and gain access to early diagnosis and treatment options.”

The international alliance includes the Heart Failure Policy Network, European Kidney Health Alliance, Global Heart Hub, and Croí the West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation

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