Pfizer Benefits From AWS’s Assistance In Advancing Drug Development And Clinical Manufacturing

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AWS collaborates with Pfizer to encourage more rapid innovation and improved clinical production processes in order to help develop tomorrow’s pharmaceuticals.

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an, Inc. company, said on December 2, 2021 that it is collaborating with Pfizer to develop revolutionary cloud-based technologies that have the potential to transform how new medications are produced, manufactured, and disseminated for clinical trials.

Pfizer’s Amazon Collaboration Team (PACT) programme, which uses AWS capabilities in analytics, machine learning, processing, storage, security, and cloud data warehousing to Pfizer’s laboratory, clinical manufacturing, and clinical supply chain operations, is investigating these advancements. For example, Amazon Lookout for Equipment (AWS’s solution for identifying anomalous equipment behaviour by analysing sensor data) is helping Pfizer improve its continuous clinical manufacturing operations. As a result, Pfizer may increase the uptime of clinical drug manufacturing equipment such as centrifuges, agitators, pulverizers, coaters, and air handlers. The goal of this agreement is to help Pfizer produce novel pharmaceuticals more quickly and reliably while also analysing their potential health benefits for patients.

“Our life sciences customers are increasingly looking for opportunities to scale expertise, insight, and secure access to the right information, at the right time, with the aim of reducing the time and cost for drug development and clinical trials,”

said Kathrin Buvac, Vice President of Business Development and Industries at Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“Pfizer’s goal with AWS is to expedite the processes for drug discovery and development in ways that can ultimately enhance patient experiences and deliver new therapies to market. Working closely with AWS experts in machine learning and analytics, we aim to provide our scientists and researchers with the insights they need to help deliver medical breakthroughs that change patients’ lives,”

said Andrew McKillop, Vice President of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Worldwide Research, Development, and Medical at Pfizer. 

Pfizer scientists will also work with AWS healthcare and life sciences specialists to see how Pfizer’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Small Molecules teams can use AWS analytics and machine learning capabilities to extract and mine information from old documents.

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