Scaler Denies Trademark Infringement Charges Of upGrad

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Scaler was charged for trademark infringement by UpGrad for allegedly utilising its brand name ‘upGrad’ in Google Ads.

The High Court granted an ad-interim order in favour of upGrad on November 29.

Scaler claims it has not engaged in any activities that may be considered trademark infringement.

Scaler, an edtech startup, has contested trademark infringement charges made by upGrad.

After Ronnie Screwvala’s edtech unicorn upGrad filed a trademark infringement complaint against Scaler in the Delhi High Court for allegedly utilising its brand name ‘upGrad’ through Google Ads, the firm issued a statement.

Scaler has been charged by UpGrad of illegally profiting from its brand name through Google Ads.

“Google Adwords bidding wars are the standard industry practice these days. Having said that, we vehemently and categorically deny the charges levelled by upGrad. We have not used their brand name in our advertising or indulged in any activity that would result in copyright or trademark infringement. Top tech companies recruit from Scaler because of the highly skilled and ethical candidates we produce. We hold high ethical standards and are proud of the work our employees, learners, and alumni are doing to uplift our nation,”

said Abhimanyu Saxena.

Scaler, an edtech platform, has denied infringing on upGrad’s copyright or trademark after the latter filed a claim in the Delhi High Court for infringement of intellectual property. It has requested damages in excess of Rs. 3 crore.

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