GE Digital, Ranked Second On Guidehouse Insights’ Leaderboard For AI Vendors for DER Integration

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AI Vendors for DER Integration, the latest research from Guidehouse Insights, has been released. GE Digital is a frontrunner in the delivery of software to manage Renewables and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) on the electric grid, according to the study, allowing utilities to address decarbonization while boosting reliability, safety, and stability.

The Leaderboard analysis by Guidehouse Insights analyzes the strengths and the weaknesses of vendors in any massive market segment. Guidehouse looked at 14 suppliers in this study to see how they fit on their Leaderboard, which is separated into four categories: Leaders, Contenders, Challengers, and Followers. Vendors who scored 75 or higher in both Strategy and Execution are considered leaders. GE Digital came in second in the rankings with a score of 79.8.

A company can use a data science platform or a portfolio of analytic capabilities using GE Digital’s dual approach to analytics. Analytics capabilities can be bought as individual functional units or integrated with existing IT and OT systems. Microservices-based solutions from GE Digital provide deployment flexibility, a faster time to value, and compatibility with older systems and vendors.

“Advances in analytics capabilities and the influx in available data have positioned AI as a successful and necessary tool for grid management. The companies that are named leaders, like GE Digital, have clearly differentiated themselves from the competition through exceptional technology development, strong partner relationships, a sustainable business model, and significant market traction. Leaders are currently in the strongest position for long-term success in the AI for DER integration market.”

AI and Advanced Analytics, Guidehouse Insights, one of the authors of the report

said Hannah Davis, Senior Research Analyst 

“Advanced AI-based analytics are a key enabler to orchestrate DERs and manage the pace of change, scale, and complexity. We are proud to be named a leader in this report that recognizes the importance of our innovation investment in Renewables and DER Orchestration. This is a strategic tenant for our business. We are fortunate to partner with the most progressive utility and market operators globally to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the electric grid of the future.”

said Jim Walsh, GE Digital General Manager Grid Software. 

The article focuses on GE Digital’s wide solutions, which offer faster, higher-fidelity data accessibility and optimization, which is required to address the challenges that rising DER penetration on the grid presents. Cutting-edge systems use AI skills including computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning for detection, prediction, forecasting, optimization, and overall grid management (ML). Machine learning is used in the GE Digital portfolio to optimise complex operations across grid use cases like asset inspections, vegetation management, and storm readiness.

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