MoU between Invest India and sfacindia to boosts Investments and ease of doing business in agriculture sectors

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Invest India and Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium(SFAC) signed a MoU to formalize the 

Collaborative activities that will be carried out by both the organizations.

Inves tindia and Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (sfacindia) signed an MoU to boost investments and Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) in agriculture and allied sectors to  provide Farmers Producers Organisation (FPOs) & Farmer Producer Company (FPCs) access to market, finance, technology and best practices.

This collaboration will work for promotion & facilitation of investments in agribusiness, innovations, agritech, incubation facilitation for FPOs and for small & marginal farmers.

Also this will work for improving access by FPOs to Market, Finance, Innovative Technology through startup for improving the income of Small and Marginal Farmers.

This signed MoU will promote investment & ease of doing business in agriculture & allied sectors by providing farmers/FPOs better access to Finance, Technologies & Markets which will benefit small & marginal farmers.

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