Roche launches AVENIO Edge System, a pre-analytical platform for diagnostic labs

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Roche, on Monday, announced the launch of the AVENIO Edge System. It is a core component of Roche’s strategy to advance sequencing technologies. The new system is a pre-analytical platform for sequencing library preparation, target enrichment, and quantification steps that deliver integrated, end-to-end control with reliable, consistent high-quality results. 

It is expected that the excellent reproducibility and low error rate of this technology can help to achieve the goal of reducing the number of rejected samples that would otherwise have to be re-collected.

It is built on best-in-class foundational capabilities to deliver a fully-automated, integrated sequencing solution. It’s a crucial component of Roche’s plan to advance sequencing technology. A completely automated, integrated sequencing solution based on best-in-class core capabilities.

“Roche is committed to developing diagnostic solutions with the goal of providing the healthcare community with faster and more accurate medical information to predict risk and detect disease. We are pleased to offer next-generation sequencing laboratories and translational researchers the new automated AVENIO Edge System that aims to drastically reduce human error and help ensure fast, reliable and accurate results.”

Thomas Schinecker, CEO, Roche Diagnostics

It comes with ready-to-use components and customizable process settings, making it a scalable and cost-effective solution for sequencing laboratories looking for high performance and agility. This walkaway system revealed a 96 percent decreased error opportunity and an 84 percent reduction in hands-on time with a setup time of 20 minutes.

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