Infosys to transform Finland-based pharmaceutical company Orion Corporation’s ERP and Planning platforms

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Infosys, on Tuesday, announced that it has been selected by Finland-based pharmaceutical company Orion Corporation to holistically transform its ERP and Planning platforms, enhance employee experience, and drive business value realization. 

It is expected that through this association, Infosys will adopt standardized best SAP practices to enable end-to-end visibility across Orion’s operations, informed decision making, and reduce business operations cost through AI, ML, and robotic process automation (RPA).

“The agility afforded by a modern ERP system combined with streamlined business processes and informed decision making will significantly help an organization compete in today’s business environment. On that note, we bring in an innovative hybrid agile approach to not just holistically transform Orion’s ERP and planning platforms, but to focus on the “build” or “realization” phases of the project lifecycle. This engagement reflects the strong core functional and technical capabilities of our Enterprise Application Services SAP unit to drive exceptional operational excellence, employee experience, and tangible business value.”

Mohit Joshi, President, Infosys

The President and CEO of Orion Corporation, Timo Lappalainen said, “At Orion, we are pleased to partner with Infosys to develop our operations by transforming our processes and core platforms like ERP. In selecting our partner, we valued Infosys’ strong track record implementing Life Sciences best practices, focus on business value realization, and proven delivery capability. We look forward to co-operating with Infosys and leveraging the results of our partnership to support the well-being of our customers.”

Infosys will follow an innovative hybrid agile approach leveraging Infosys CaPSule to maximize Orion’s business engagement and deliver early business buy-in. The IT giant will also leverage its Value Realization Method (VRM) to achieve Orion’s key value objectives while utilizing the data anonymizing suite to enable the availability of real-time information and high data integrity.

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