UMPI To Use Wipro’s Sewage Monitor Solution For Efficient Wastewater Management And Sustainability

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Wipro Limited, on Wednesday, announced the global IT giant has entered into a partnership with an Italy-based manufacturer of intelligent products and systems, UMPI. The latter will use the Wipro Sewage Monitor to empower water companies in Europe to improve accuracy and efficiency as they monitor their systems. 

It is observed that cities worldwide are looking to update their water and sewage infrastructure to respond to this crisis of climate change faster while ensuring the health and safety of their residents and protecting the environment. Wipro has unveiled an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that enables municipalities to monitor their water systems in real-time and aging infrastructure.

“Ours is a country where attention to water resources is particularly high. UMPI is honored to bring to Italy an innovative product like Wipro Sewage Monitor, which has immediately proved to help optimize system and management costs,”

Davide Piccaluga, Chief Technology Officer, UMPI

The Wipro Sewage Monitor comes with a variety of modern IoT sensors, including millimeter-wave radar and accurate temperature gauges that can be easily placed even in older water systems. The technology also aids utilities’ environmental efforts by allowing them to take the required precautions to avoid environmentally damaging wastewater contaminants from escaping the utility network.

“IoT solutions like the Wipro Sewage Monitor show the impact and benefits that the addition of smart capabilities can have on vital infrastructure. With Wipro’s EngineeringNXT platform of offerings, we continue to invest in technologies that can help accelerate digital transformation and work with our partners in the public and private sector to keep moving forward,”

Yves-Antoine Brun, Vice President and European Head – Engineering and R&D Services, Wipro Limited

Wipro Sewage Monitor, a new IoT platform, uses powerful connected sensors and a robust Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) platform to create real-time insights that will allow enterprises to monitor water systems continuously and execute preventive maintenance. This helps utilities and towns in adhering to environmental water policies while also protecting communities and municipal workers.

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