Tech Mahindra Supports Telefónica Germany for the Digital Transformation of latter’s Microwave Network with Open SDN

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Tech Mahindra, on Monday, announced that it has been working with Telefónica Germany to digitally transform the latter’s microwave network with open software-defined networking (SDN).

The Germany-based telecommunications service provider, Telefónica is working to standardize its management interface by collaborating with multiple vendors and partners. While Tech Mahindra is helping it to achieve this by bringing its domain expertise and continuous integration capabilities to the partnership. 

“We have been actively collaborating with Telefónica on this project. We made an important contribution to the integration results and have driven us to continuously broaden our capabilities. This reflects our commitment to invest in open source technologies and scaling out networks within just weeks. Telefónica is able to accelerate its digital transformation efforts to provide a more efficient and future-proof service to its customers.”

Vikram Nair, President, EMEA Business at Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra and Telco have been working together to implement new standards for its DevOps model including enhancing its processes and requirements. It includes the continuous management support of service operations for the firm’s overall SDN Architectures. 

“Together with our partners like Tech Mahindra, we are pioneering SDN within the microwave domain. The technological requirements for the mobile network of the future are continuously increasing. Software-based approaches such as SDN are helping us to reduce the complexity of our network architectures and to drive our network expansion even faster and with higher quality through a greater degree of automation. For example, our Telefónica technology team is already continuously developing new applications that can be made available across manufacturers within a matter of weeks,”

Mallik Rao, Chief Technology & Information Officer at Telefónica Deutschland

The official document states, ‘The project involves the deployment of microwave transmission automation aimed at elevating service delivery and network operations. All microwave devices in Telefónica Germany’s mobile backhaul network are accessible via a single harmonized Network API which supports an open microservice framework.’

It also says, ‘Telefónica has been able to integrate 30,000 microwave links from multiple vendors into the OpenDaylight Controller using ONF TR-532 interface standard. The move to SDN will enable the firm to adopt automation functionality in the future more easily.’

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