Air Purifier Buying Guide 2021

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Life is the most precious gift of God. But these days human life seems pretty vulnerable to many threats like natural disasters, climate change, and polluted environments that have exposed us to serious health risks. Air pollution has decreased the life expectancy of people in many Indian states.

Air pollution has decreased the life expectancy of people in many Indian states. According to Statista, The average number of deaths caused by air pollution across India was over 1.66 million in 2019.

It is expected that if no adequate actions are taken, more than 3.6 million people will die from only air pollution in the next 30 years. And if we see the data related to air pollution, we will be able to understand the probability of losing our loved ones.

Here is the list of most polluted Indian states with their AQI on December 27 [Source: AQI]

  • Rajasthan – 221
  • West Bengal – 207
  • Bihar – 203
  • Maharashtra – 147
  • Uttar Pradesh – 141
  • Telangana – 140
  • Haryana134
  • Delhi – 133
  • Chhatisgarh – 132
  • Madhya Pradesh – 132

The current prominent global concerns to our lives are Covid-19 and Air pollution. Both make breathing tough and an air purifier is a thing that can help to save your loved ones from several diseases by choosing the right air purifier.

Face masks are generally not regarded as a suitable measure for the protection of health but may be indicated in certain special circumstances., said the WHO advisory. The use of air purifiers at the office and at home helps to reduce the breathing problems and several diseases, caused by Corona Virus and Air Pollution, eventually reducing the causes and cases of early death. For more knowledge refer to the buying guide below:

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