GE Foundation Donates One Hundred Thousand Dollars For Disaster Relief Grant to Kentucky

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The GE Foundation announced a $100,000 donation Thursday to provide immediate aid to Kentucky families whose homes were destroyed and lives were uprooted as a result of the recent deadly tornadoes. The donation will go to CARE, a major humanitarian relief organisation, and will provide cash support to over 170 affected families, allowing them to buy whatever they need to get through the early stages of rehabilitation. CARE will collaborate with local community organisers to identify families who have become homeless as a result of the disaster. GE workers can contribute to relief efforts in addition to the organization’s donation through the company’s Matching Gifts Program.

“The GE Foundation is proud to work with CARE and support Kentucky families as they begin the long road to recovery,”

said Linda Boff, President, GE Foundation, and Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer of GE.

Workers who donate to CARE or other participating organisations are eligible for a match through the GE Foundation’s Matching Gifts programs, which provides a 1:1 match to employees’ personal philanthropy and charitable giving. In 1954, the GE Foundation pioneered the idea of a corporate matching gift programme. Today, the initiative remains a key part of the Foundation’s portfolio, with gifts totalling $16.8 million matched in 2020.

“We are so grateful to the GE Foundation for their generous donation. This contribution will be used to provide cash assistance to families who have lost everything in the tornado. It is generosity like this that enables us to help families rebuild and recover after the worst moments in their lives,”

said Ryan Shepard, CARE’s Associate Vice President for Domestic Programming.

The GE Disaster and Humanitarian Relief programme reacts to major worldwide disasters and humanitarian crises by mobilising GE’s people, technology, and other assets to alleviate suffering and speed recovery. Since 2020, the GE Foundation has donated almost $5.4 million to disaster relief, with the majority of the money going toward the COVID-19 pandemic response. The GE Foundation recently awarded grants to promote Afghan refugee resettlement in the United States, as well as communities in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and South Africa that are experiencing food shortages.

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