Everest Group names TCS a leader in healthcare analytics services

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Highlights of the Report Strong product strategy, comprehensive set of healthcare-focused analytics solutions, and R&D investments are cited as key strengths for Tata Consultancy Services.

In the Everest Group PEAK Matrix for Healthcare Analytics Services1, Tata Consultancy Services has been named a Leader.

TCS has one of the best product strategies among its competitors, according to the research. The company’s investments in research and development, centres of excellence, digital laboratories, and university partnerships in AI, blockchain, IoT, and NLP have been cited as major assets.

TCS has outstanding execution capabilities across the analytics value chain, according to the report. TCS’ ability to provide clients with an end-to-end experience, from consulting to BI and augmented AI, is cited as a key strength, thanks to its suite of solutions, which includes Human Digital Skin Twin, ignio for advanced analytics, value-based care platform, and TCS Health 360 for member engagement.

TCS’ emphasis on retraining and upskilling talent organically through investments in talent development and academic partnerships was also highlighted, which has contributed to one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry among peers and helped it to provide a seamless experience to our clients.

“TCS helps leading healthcare enterprises with next-gen analytics to gain better health insights, enhance patient outcomes and improve customer experience. This recognition is a reflection of our deep contextual knowledge, holistic ecosystem-based offerings and intellectual property in data, analytics and AI. Our consulting-led transformation approach helps our customers improve the health and wellness of the communities they serve,”

said Nitin Kumar, Global Head, Healthcare Business Unit, TCS. 

“COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of analytics as enterprises need to become more agile and meet the unprecedented demands faced by the healthcare ecosystem. Enterprises are now using analytics for improved financial and care outcomes, as well as for operational efficiency. TCS’ wide portfolio of healthcare analytics offerings supported by strong execution capabilities has enabled it to deliver significant value for clients. TCS’ focus on talent management and investments in research and innovation has further strengthened its positioning as a Leader in Everest Group’s Healthcare Analytics Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2022,”

said Chunky Satija, Practice Director, Everest Group.

TCS uses its Business 4.0 framework and Machine First approach to help healthcare organisations throughout the world with their digital transformation journeys. It provides a comprehensive set of services, including digital services, IT transformation and operations, consulting, and domain services, to assist healthcare organisations in improving stakeholder experience, launching new products, forming ecosystem partnerships, and ensuring the highest level of quality and compliance in operations.

TCS supports clients’ data and decision transformations through industry-recognized frameworks including Decision Fabric, Datom, and Daezmo. TCS has invested strategically in developing a broad array of analytics-based solutions and domain-specific platforms. Value-based care platforms, end-to-end patient interaction, enrollment, claims pattern recognition, and claims denial analytics are among them.

A translational research platform, functional genomics platform, behavioural health, and Data for Good Ecosystem are among TCS’s unique research projects.

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