GE’s digital power transformers selected for a variety of transformer projects across the globe

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Digital power transformers from GE have been selected for a number of transformer projects worldwide. The low-maintenance power transformers from GE are designed to meet the ever-changing difficulties that grid operators face today.

The requirement to update the grid in order to address the energy transition is reflected in recent orders. The grid portfolio from GE provides a wide range of voltage levels for use in the generating, transmission, distribution, and industrial industries.

Grid Solutions, a division of GE Renewable Energy, announced a slew of recent wins for its low-maintenance, high-performance digital power transformers on Thursday.

“The variety of transformer projects that we have recently been awarded is testimony to breadth and depth of our power transformer portfolio. Whether they are producing renewable energy or running a traditional power plant, our customers recognize that our power transformers reliably and efficiently meet their challenges, including lowering losses and minimizing noise,”

said Eric Chaussin, Senior Executive High Voltage Products Division Leader at GE’s Grid Solutions. 

The following are some of the most recent GE power transformer orders for renewable energy projects:

In Kintore (Scotland),  GE is helping to upgrade Scotland’s distribution network from 275 kV to 400 kV, as well as supplying renewable energy from various wind farm projects off Scotland’s northeast coast to consumers’ homes. Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has ordered two 1,200 MVA 400 kV autotransformers for its Kintore substation, after the procurement of two big autotransformers for the Peterhead substation. The transformers are expected to be installed in Kintore during the fourth quarter of 2022.

In northeast England, the GE-Mistral-14, a 14 MVA to 66 kV small power transformer (SPT), will play a key role in Dogger Bank, the world’s largest wind farm. A GE-Mistral-14 will be installed in each of the 95 GE Haliade-X turbines in the first phase A of the wind farm to ensure the proper operation of the world’s most modern and powerful wind turbines. The project’s commercial order was signed in March 2021.

GE recently signed a number of new power transformer contracts, including the following: 

In Meppen (Germany), Amprion GmbH, a transmission system operator, ordered two 340 MVA big power transformers for a synchronous condenser installation at their facility in September 2021. The transformers will be supplied in the first quarter of 2023 and will aid in the delivery of inertia and reactive power, resulting in improved grid stability.

In Northeast Nigeria, In September 2021, MBH Power’s Nigeria branch purchased seven 150/187.5 MVA 330/132/33 kV autotransformers and two 100/125 MVA 132/33 kV power transformers for the Transmission Company of Nigeria to help satisfy the country’s expanding electricity demand. In October 2022, the power transformers will be delivered.

Recent contracts demonstrate customers’ growing reliance on GE’s power transformers, which support a wide range of voltage levels for applications in generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial. Phase-shifting, static var compensator (SVC), high-voltage direct current (HVDC), low maintenance, and reactors are among the transmission alternatives available, as are more environmentally friendly power transformers made of biodegradable vegetable oil. Voltages range from low (5 MVA) to medium and ultra-high (1,200 kV AC and 1,100 kV DC) voltages, with very high power ratings (2,750 MVA). To help increase transformer performance and operating life, GE also offers digitized protection and monitoring solutions, as well as sophisticated design and testing capabilities.

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