Tech Mahindra and Nokia have partnered up to promote enterprise 5G private wireless adoption worldwide

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Tech Mahindra and Nokia have partnered to accelerate enterprise 5G private wireless adoption throughout the world. Tech Mahindra, a major provider of digital transformation, consultancy, and business re-engineering services and solutions, announced a partnership with Nokia on Wednesday to accelerate the global adoption of 5G private wireless.

Tech Mahindra and Nokia’s already strong partnership will be strengthened by this collaboration. Tech Mahindra will use Nokia’s private wireless DAC solution for customers across industries, allowing for cloud-based management of 5G private wireless networks (managed as a service model). 

Tech Mahindra’s industry expertise, 5G enterprise solutions capabilities, such as Factory.NXT and Mining.NXT, and domain expertise in planning, designing, deployment, and management of private wireless networks for enterprises, when combined with Nokia’s flagship offering for Private Wireless Networks – Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC), will benefit enterprise customers and accelerate the adoption of transformative network technology. Customers in industries and sectors such as Manufacturing, Transportation, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Smart Agriculture, and Entertainment will benefit from this end-to-end IT/OT revolution.

Enterprise Network Services from Tech Mahindra encompass the full network stack and support new-age technologies to help businesses prepare for a comprehensive digital transformation, culminating in an always-available enterprise network.

Nokia DAC is a private wireless network that is dependable, secure, and high-performing, and can be scaled to meet your demands. Edge computing capabilities, low latency 4.9G/LTE and 5G connection, and a range of applications for organizations and different verticals are all part of this industrial-grade digital automation service platform. It includes a self-service interface for network management operations, such as adding or removing devices and features, as well as real-time information on Nokia DAC managers, such as network and device status and utilization, as well as a radio network and edge cloud health. Nokia DAC also allows for integration with third-party applications and access to other network management and operations solutions via well-defined application program interfaces (APIs).

“5G adoption has become critical for enterprises to achieve the next level of industrial automation and digital transformation that enable a higher level of productivity and reduce operational complexity and costs. We are pleased to partner with Nokia as we continue to build 5G ecosystem, and drive innovation and growth in the future. We are committed to help customers achieve their “enterprise of the future” vision,”

Manish Mangal, Global Head of 5G & Network Services Business, Tech Mahindra, said.

“Nokia has supported the digital transformation of over 380 enterprises globally with our private wireless offerings. We are excited to collaborate with Tech Mahindra to bring our global private wireless expertise to upgrade their offering and customer experience worldwide”,

Chris Johnson, Head of Global Enterprise Business for Nokia said.

For comprehensive business transformation, Tech Mahindra sticks to the DigitALL philosophy. Digital technologies help organizations become more human by allowing them to think, sense, connect, communicate, secure, and act better than before. Tech Mahindra invests in developing technologies and solutions that enable digital transformation and address the increasing needs of customers as part of its NXT.NOWTM framework, which strives to improve the ‘Human Centric Experience.’

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