Flipkart, to strengthen its recommerce business, acquires Yaantra

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The Flipkart Group, on Thursday, announced the acquisition of Yaantra, an electronics recommerce company, to strengthen its recommerce business and enhance after-sale offerings for its customers in the smartphones segment. 

The recommerce market in India is growing at a rapid pace. However, the Indian smartphone refurbishment market is largely unorganized and fragmented, which has posed trust and convenience issues for end consumers. It is expected that, with the acquisition of Yaantra, the e-commerce giant will provide a comprehensive service ecosystem to its customers that take care of the entire lifecycle of smartphones.

“At Flipkart, we continuously strive to find new ways to be more relevant to consumers and address the growing consumer internet ecosystem in India. This approach includes strategic acquisitions and investments that broaden the scope of our current offerings for customers to become the one-stop destination for their digital needs. Through the acquisition of Yaantra, we are enhancing our capabilities in a domain that is critical for the growth of the digital economy in India, as well as developing a comprehensive service ecosystem to support its expansion.” 

Ravi Iyer, Senior Vice President and Head, Corporate Development

Flipkart will also enable greater access to affordable refurbished smartphones, offering value and convenience for the end consumers. As part of this acquisition, the experienced team of Yaantra will help Flipkart build capabilities in this domain and accelerate its recommerce scale-up plans. The business will report to Prakash Sikaria, Senior Vice President and Head of Flipkart’s Growth Charter.

“India is one of the fastest-growing markets for electronic goods, with smartphones being one of the most in-demand. There is a large set of consumers who aspire to own branded devices, but prices are sometimes prohibitive. This is where Yaantra fits in perfectly. Their recommerce value chain and refurbishment capability will allow Flipkart to create a very meaningful recommerce offering. This will not only help us further our commitment to addressing consumer needs, but also reduce the negative impact of overproduction on the environment, considering our strong focus on sustainability.”, said Prakash Sikaria, Senior Vice President – Growth & Marketing, Flipkart.

“At Yaantra, we have been able to successfully drive the smartphone recommerce to the next level with our deep understanding of the sector and technology. At this juncture, we are delighted to join forces with the Flipkart Group as we share a common objective of making technology affordable and available for all. We believe this association will prove to be a game-changer in making the Indian refurbished market a success and creating an even better experience for our consumers.”

Jayant Jha, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Yaantra

Yaantra, incorporated in 2013 by Jayant Jha, Ankit Saraf, and Anmol Gupta, is a leading brand that repairs and sells refurbished consumer tech products such as smartphones and laptops. 

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