The rise and Rise of Dolo

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The most versatile drug of Covid 19-era, DOLO 650, tops the chart not just in sales but search volume too.

This antipyretic drug has made a huge success in the time when everything was failing to settle down the chaos caused by Covid-19. The first wave of Covid-19 reached India around September 2020. And then ferocious second wave, which followed the huge fatality rate, strike India in May 2021.

The internet is flooded over by the DOLO Memes. The IQVIA data indicates that India sold about 7.5 crore strips of Dolo tablets before the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2019. It also says that the 14.5 crores strips consisting of 15 tablets (each strip) of Dolo 650 have been sold by November 2021, doubled from the annual sales in 2019. It means that over 217 crores of Dolo 650 tablets were sold in a span of a year.

As per the sources, Dolo is currently the second most popular anti-fever and analgesic tablet in India, with a turnover of Rs 307 crore in 2021, after GSK’s Calpol, which has a turnover of Rs 310 crore. Crocin is the sixth-largest brand in the category, with sales of Rs 23.6 crore in double digits.

In the non-Covid year of 2019, total paracetamol sales were roughly Rs 530 crore across all brands. Sales in this category increased by 70%, reaching Rs 924 crore by 2021.

Dolo is not hitting the charts in just the sales volume but during the second wave, the keyword’s google search volume also peaked, the medicine has been setting the records.  Since the Covid-19 outbreak in January 2020, the most searched phrase on Google has been ‘Dolo 650,’ with average monthly searches of 246,000. And ‘Calpol 650,’ with around 49,500 average monthly searches in the past 12 months as per recent data.

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