Infosys named as the fastest-growing IT services brand in Brand Finance’s Global 500 2022 report

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Infosys, on Wednesday, announced that it has been recognized as the fastest-growing IT services brand, by Brand Finance in its Global 500 2022 report. The IT firm’s brand value has increased by 52 percent year over year and by over 80 percent since 2020, positioning it among the top three most valuable IT services brands in the world.

“Our clients have rapidly scaled their digital adoption in the last two years and have reposed tremendous trust and confidence in our ability to help them transform,” said Salil Parekh, Chief Executive Officer, Infosys.

“Our employees have responded with extraordinary efforts that take advantage of our differentiated digital and cloud capabilities to speed up and scale innovations that help our clients remain competitive in a changing economic and business environment. This has triggered a virtuous cycle that has firmly consolidated Infosys’ brand position as the industry’s preferred digital transformation partner,” Parekh added.

The tech giant is investing in new digital brands to realize this aspiration. The rise of Infosys Cobalt as an industry-leading cloud services brand, in just over a year, to help enterprises seamlessly and securely accelerate their journey to the cloud, is a good example of Infosys’ focus on nurturing market-relevant brands. 

“Infosys has shown impressive growth this year, making it the fastest-growing IT services brand of 2022, thanks to its commitment to clients and focus on innovation. While the COVID-19 pandemic spurred the necessity of a digital transition across the globe, Infosys stepped up to the challenge, resulting in its monumental 80% leap in brand value over the course of the past two years. Also looking into the future, Infosys is a brand to watch and one that can be expected to see continued brand value growth in the years to come,”

David Haigh, Chairman & CEO, Brand Finance

‘The growth in Infosys’ brand value and brand strength articulated by Brand Finance is the outcome of the company’s concerted efforts to build a deeply client-relevant brand that also serves as a trusted engine of change.’, the company stated in its recent document.

Infosys has also made strategic investments in several digital and brand collaborations. Including Infosys’ Signature Marketing Partnership with the Madison Square Garden, ATP, Roland Garros, and the Australian Open.

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