Japanese Medical service firm Medical service Management to acquire Care24

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Tokyo-based medical services firm, Human Life Management (HLM), on Friday, announced that it has entered into an agreement with existing shareholders to acquire all shares of, an advanced home medical care and long-term care platform in India, Aegis Care Advisors Private Limited popularly known as Care24.

HLM develops and sells cloud-type electronic medical records “homis” for home medical care and provides operational support for home medical care clinics. As a result of the deal, the medical services firm will expand and strengthen medical services in India. The company will also expand its business to emerging Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

At the same time, HLM with the help of Care24, launch new medical services such as terminal medical care, care for critically ill patients at home, family doctor contract service, doctor-on-call, implementation of care plans, training of doctors using training materials,  in the Indian market.

Our team has been working with the HLM / Yushokai team for the past two years, and we have found a synergistic effect and compatibility with the thinking processes of both teams. HLM Representative Sasaki is a visionary leader and has a long-term vision for the future of healthcare. His ambitious and aggressive growth plan is a great encouragement and empowerment for us. We aim to fill the gaps in global medical expertise, best practices, capital and networks in Japan and Southeast Asia with the existing capabilities of HLM and Care24. We strongly believe that HLM is a good long-term partner for us. Together, we plan to accelerate the company’s growth and change the direction of health care in India and around the world.

Care24 CEO Vipin Pathak

The CEO of HLM, Miki Sasaki said, ‘We decided on this case because of the track record of Care24, which provides home care to more than 1,000 households daily between Mumbai and Delhi.’

We are aiming to transfer the technology of medical management method for home patients based on the experience of home medical care of Yushokai, and to provide medical care and nursing / long-term care in an integrated manner in addition to the current Care24 service.

Miki Sasaki, CEO of HLM

In addition, HLM’s extensive medical expertise, including care plans, understanding of end-of-life patient lifecycle management, and Care24’s sophisticated technology for real-time algorithmic matching of home care providers and aspirants. The fusion of platforms will revolutionize the quality of care needed globally.

Care24, which was launched in 2014 in the two major cities of Mumbai and Delhi, develops and utilizes ICT to address social issues in India, starting with a matching platform service that connects 1,000 pairs of caregivers and users every day.

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