Lupin Pharmaceuticals and Exeltis USA join hands to promote Women’s Health products

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Lupin Pharmaceuticals and Exeltis USA,  on Thursday, announced that the companies have entered into a promotional agreement for Exeltis to promote SOLOSEC along with Exeltis’ existing line of Women’s Health products.

“This partnership will expand the reach of SOLOSEC®, allowing more Healthcare Providers to be aware of the benefits of SOLOSEC®, and increase access for adult women suffering with bacterial vaginosis and adults with trichomoniasis. We are extremely excited to partner with Exeltis.” 

Vinita Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of Lupin 

SOLOSEC is indicated for the treatment of a common vaginal infection named Bacterial Vaginosis in adult women. The drug is also used to treat the most common non-viral, curable sexually transmitted infection, Trichomoniasis in adults.

The Chief Executive Officer of Exeltis, Salustiano Perez added, “Our team is thrilled to embark on this partnership. The addition of Solosec fits precisely within our current portfolio of products, enhancing our commercial strategy, and offering numerous solutions to our customers and their patients”.

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