A partnership Between TCS and DeakinCo. to Tackle Digital Skills Gap in Australia

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The new partnership brings together Deakin’s academic excellence and TCS’ extensive industry networks and experience. The first program, to be piloted in early 2022, will focus on machine learning, which consists of three streams enabling senior executives, mid-management and practitioners to leverage the power of this emerging technology in their chosen profession. Each stream will be facilitated by leading academics and industry experts.

The programs will provide learners with an engaging experience that goes to the heart of the skills and knowledge required in these dynamic industries and will address specific capability needs for employers.

Each program will be provided online and will include adjustable features to match the needs of each customer, providing a mixed experience that includes both face-to-face and self-paced sessions. Detailed, industry-relevant case studies, practical workshops, and direct access to prominent practitioners will be among the offerings.

“Both Deakin and TCS realise the importance of anticipating future workforce needs and that there’s a real risk of falling behind, In areas such as machine learning and AI, we are already seeing some of the consequences of this across the world and in Australia, with employees and businesses unable to bridge the skills gap things are moving so fast and competition is fierce,”

said Professor Iain Martin, Vice Chancellor, Deakin University. 

“We are delighted to partner with DeakinCo. to help talent from across Australia’s leading organisations and across the world in developing digital skills. This partnership brings together unique academic and industry expertise in technology areas, to help learners enhance their skills and grow their careers further. At the same time, this partnership is a testament to our deep commitment and passion for digitally transforming education. It further highlights our continued investment in delivering in the Australian market,” 

said Ankur Mathur, Head, Education Business, TCS. 

“These courses enable businesses to target specific capability gaps quickly and from within. For managers who are overseeing machine learning projects but who don’t have a technical background, it will support them to build capability within their existing data analyst teams,”

Glenn Campbell, CEO, DeakinCo., said.

The collaboration between Deakin University and TCS strengthens their current relationship, with the goal of facilitating further cooperation in areas of mutual interest, such as virtual reality, cloud, digital, and cyber security, in order to carry out co-innovation across the Australian education sector.

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