Xerox Introduces the Xerox High Capacity XLS Vacuum Feeder

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Xerox announced the launch of the Xerox High Capacity XLS Vacuum Feeder on Wednesday, allowing customers to expand the basic capabilities of their Xerox Iridesse Production Press and Xerox Versant Presses while processing all jobs, including those with larger sheet sizes.

Xerox’s innovative vacuum-feed technology boosts productivity and usefulness for extra-long sheets by improving feeding reliability (XLS). Longer sheets run at higher production numbers, allowing clients to confidently add additional applications to their portfolio, such as posters/banners, signage, book covers, and other one-of-a-kind XLS projects, hence increasing their profit margins.

“Xerox is focused on providing configurable technology, adaptable solutions, and increased productivity opportunities for our customers. The Xerox High Capacity XLS Vacuum Feeders continue our legacy in production through continually adapting and enhancing technology for maximum efficiency and advanced automation,”

says Tracey Koziol, senior vice president of global offering solutions at Xerox.

Using vacuum and air-assist technologies across the whole feeding process, from sheet separation to paper path insertion, the feeder update catapults production feeding. Furthermore, the technology uses a shuttle head with a unique contouring design, which distinguishes Xerox’s vacuum technology by essentially eliminating multi-sheet misfeeds.

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