Meet Naveen Toshniwal: Reading Personality Traits through Handwriting Analysis

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Not many people know about Graphology. But it is a science just like psychology. We have heard psychologists, psychoanalysts, and psychotherapies. But today, we are connecting you with a graphoanalyst and therapist, Mr. Naveen Toshniwal. 

He has been helping people live a better life through handwriting analysis and therapy for the last 15 years. Naveen analyzes the handwriting and tells what the handwriting says about the individual. And then help him change the strokes finally leading to change thought patterns on a subconscious level. 

He learned the science from his father, got support from his wife, and says that his only passion is to help people live better lives through graphotherapy. He believes that if we change our thought processes, we can actually modify our personality traits and lead a more satisfying life. 

Talking about, he says ‘Traitreader is a website that I have made for the purpose of letting people know about Graphoanalysis and Graphotherapy.’ 

Swimming and playing chess and golf are three things that he enjoys the most after graphology. In our conversation with Naveen Toshniwal, he spoke about the inspiration, challenges, and how he is reading personality traits through handwriting analysis.

Read till the end and watch more to sneak-peak into the science of Handwriting Analysis.

Please tell us something about yourself. 

I am born and brought up in Calcutta and come from a business family. I did my education in St. Xavier’s School and thereafter I did engineering from a well-known Institute in Calcutta that is Jadavpur University. Thereafter I have joined our family business. We are into manufacturing of instrumentation and specialized industrial cables and we supply to all sectors of industry all over India and even some exports. And as a passion, I am pursuing graphotherapy. And I enjoy playing golf with my son. 

How does traitreader dot com work? 

Actually, the first step is the analysis where I need one page of the handwriting. After the analysis is done then we analyze the positive and negative traits of the person. Then we combine all the traits and derive the characteristics or personality traits of the person. Then we have to decide which are the areas which require improvement. So the therapy is assigned to that person to practice those stroke changes. You just have to practice five minutes a day. Mind it only five minutes a day. I’m repeating this because most of us don’t write these days. If you write these five minutes a day, you will start observing the changes in yourself and you will actually feel the changes by the end of three weeks. 

What is the difference between Graphology and Graphotherapy? 

Graphology is a comparison of two handwritings, whether they belong to the same person or whether they are of different people. This is utilized mostly by the Forensic science Department. While Grapho analysis is much more detailed. It is analyzing the personality and character through the strokes in the handwriting. So it’s a much more detailed science for assessing the personality of people.

Why should we opt for Graphotherapy? 

Every science has its own value, like Psychotherapy. Then there are other avenues of self-improvement like Pranic Healing or Yoga. Similarly, Graphotherapy is one of the processes and it’s a proven process whereby you can actually improve yourself and your personality. So it is not a question of choosing graphotherapy or not, it’s a personal choice. But one thing I can tell you is that Graphotherapy is a science that gives proven results. 

How can graphotherapy help the business sector? 

Handwriting analysis plays a significant role in the hiring process for the business sector. It is one thing that many corporate houses use as a part of the pre-employment test. You can tell the candidates to give handwritten applications when you are making employments in your business. Then we can study the strokes in the handwriting and make an assessment of the candidate even before the interviews. 

What inspired you to learn and practice this science of handwriting analysis? 

My father also had some interest in this science so I used to see him analyze the handwriting of candidates and he used to get handwritten applications for the business purposes. So I started developing interest in that and during the free periods in our College when we used to sit with the friends I used to analyze the handwriting of the friends casually and they used to be very surprised that how come the analysis is so accurate? That was the time they started motivating me that why don’t you pursue this further, so that’s how it started developing. (Smiles)

What are the challenges you think and see in this arena? 

I don’t think that many people are actually doing it in India because the awareness is very less. So If you want to make it a full-time profession, you have to make people aware what this science is? And secondly, there are no such courses which is taught by any of the institutes, so you never know how people will come or become aware of the subject. 

How do you make people aware of Handwriting analysis and therapy? 

I does so through public interaction. Once, at my wife’s request, I visited the organization named Confederation Of Women Entrepreneurs to aware the group about handwriting analysis. And then comes the media interaction. Even this interview is one of the avenues for making people aware. When people see the interviews or videos, sometimes they come to me and ask me what this science is about. This is how people are becoming aware of it.

What are your future plans? 

I’m trying to tie up with educational institutes and trying to convince them to make Graphoanalysis or Grapho therapy as a part of their optional courses. So, those who are interested in learning Graphotherapy can come and register through the College where I can teach them. Because everybody out there needs a certificate, college is authorized to give a certification not just to the young students but also to the people who are learning Graphotherapy or Grapho analysis. 

Any message for our readers? 

Do not stop writing completely because these days we are all on text and computers. We hardly write but if you keep in touch with your handwriting, It is a good way to actually improve yourself just by practicing five minutes a day in your handwriting you can actually change your personality so be connected with the handwriting in one way or the other. 

So, these were the excerpts from our conversation with Naveen Toshniwal, the Founder of

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