Wipro joins hands with Oracle, to accelerate cloud transformation for brazilin sanitation firm Sanepar

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Wipro, on Friday, announced that it has been engaged by Sanepar (Paraná Sanitation Company) to lead the process of deploying a business management solution in the cloud in partnership with Oracle. As per the agreement, Wipro will lead the migration of Sanepar’s Back Office operations to Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

The Indian tech firm will implement new business processes on the cloud-based Oracle ERP Solution which offers the benefits of reduced infrastructure costs, standardization, and integration of business processes in addition to a high level of operational efficiency in the company.

“Wipro’s solution meets all of the customer’s needs, and the partnership with Oracle takes real innovation to the public sector.”

Douglas Silva, Vice President and Country Head, Brazil, Wipro Limited

By the year 2033, the new Basic Sanitation Legal Framework in Brazil intends to facilitate at least 90% of all Brazilian households with water and sanitation services. It also opens the market for private investment, creating an opportunity for collaboration between public and private companies. 

Now, Sanepar’s move to a cloud-based ERP system will increase its competitiveness and agility, allowing it to gain real-time insights into financial, operational, customer relationship management processes and will drive process acceleration as they continue to expand its operations.

It is expected that the move to the cloud will provide Sanepar with accurate, real-time insights into its business processes, accelerate decision-making and improve customer service in a rapidly evolving market environment under the new legal framework. Oracle Cloud ERP will cater to the volume of traffic generated by Sanepar by using Wipro FullStride Cloud Services. 

“The implementation of the solution provided by Wipro is an important step in Sanepar’s digital evolution. Faced with a changing scenario in the regulatory framework of the sanitation sector in Brazil, Sanepar stands out by adopting measures to improve its level of excellence, which includes the use of new and advanced technologies in line with strategic organizational demands and best practices in market.”

Priscila Brunetta, Administrative Director, Sanepar

Commenting on the development, the Vice President of Applications for Oracle Brazil, Rodrigo Solon said, ‘ The migration to the cloud ensures reliability in processes and performance for all applications that Sanepar may use now or in the future. “Sanepar is going through a moment of transformation and Oracle Cloud ERP is key in offering the ability to automate and manage key financial data on a single, highly secure and scalable cloud platform. This robust cloud makes workload migration planning successful and ensures complete cloud manageability.’

The ERP Project Sponsor of Sanepar, Gislaine Lopes said, “Sanepar seeks to promote institutional transformation through the implementation of an integrated solution for business management-oriented by processes, in addition to technological modernization using cloud solutions. The expected benefits include increased reliability of information and contributions to productivity, management, decisions and organizational strategies.”

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