Google Cloud Cortex Framework Names Infosys as a Foundational Partner

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Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, was appointed a Foundational Partner for the Google Cloud Cortex Framework launch on Thursday. With its market-leading data, analytics, and AI skills, Infosys will help clients accelerate digital transformation and fuel new business capabilities as a Foundational Partner. Infosys will use the Google Cloud Cortex Framework, as well as its extensive knowledge of the SAP and Google Cloud ecosystems, to improve business outcomes. Infosys will help its clients develop transformational digital skills that are required to evolve the new business and operating models as a result of this relationship.

With reference architectures, packaged services, deployment templates, and accelerators to take them from design through delivery and getting set up rapidly, the Google Cloud Cortex Framework helps businesses jumpstart insights and minimize time to value. Infosys has extensive functional and technical experience serving SAP customers, as well as extensive process knowledge across a wide range of industries. In addition, Infosys Cobalt has a proven track record of assisting clients with Google Cloud transformations. Customers of the Google Cloud Cortex Framework will benefit from Infosys’ assistance in gaining line-of-business and industry-specific insights. As a Foundational Partner, Infosys will assist clients in maximizing the Framework’s benefits by enabling them to develop their insights-driven digital enterprise.

“Infosys is excited to partner with Google Cloud to drive the adoption of Google Cloud Cortex Framework, unlocking value from SAP and non-SAP data to power new insights and business models across industries. Google Cloud Cortex Framework complements Infosys Cobalt, bringing together our data analytics, AI, SAP and cloud capabilities to solve our clients’ biggest business challenges, accelerate their transformation journey, and maximize return on their digital investments including SAP,”

Satish HC, Executive Vice President, Co-Head of Delivery, Infosys, said.

Enterprises can use the Google Cloud Cortex Framework to deploy templatized solutions from Google Cloud and Foundational partners like Infosys. The Framework provides cost-effective solutions to real-world business problems, with Infosys bringing in critical domain experience from a variety of industries to speed up solutions. With the Framework’s plug-and-play dashboard templates offering rich insights from sales, orders, goods, and customers, Infosys Cobalt enables organizations to leverage the insights value chain. This is a fantastic alternative to traditional in-house initiatives, which are frequently more dangerous, difficult, and expensive. The Google Cloud Cortex Framework, in combination with Google Cloud and Infosys Cobalt’s templatized solutions, provides a scalable technological plan for the future, resulting in a reusable architecture that can adapt and expand to encompass new scenarios as they emerge.

“We are excited to partner with Infosys to leverage their strength and expertise in data and analytics and to be a part of this journey to enrich the business transformation experience for our customers. Together, delivering packaged solutions from Infosys and Google Cloud Cortex, customers can more rapidly deploy and drive value for their organizations,”

Abdul Razack, Vice President, Solutions Engineering at Google Cloud, said.

The Google Cloud Cortex Framework is envisioned as a “content factory” that will grow to address new use cases, incorporate best practices, industry situations, and build on its accumulated business experience. In conjunction, Infosys Cobalt offers businesses the benefit of over 300 industry cloud blueprints, as well as an ever-expanding assortment of industry solutions and assets. Furthermore, Google Cloud Cortex Framework capabilities will be bolstered by Infosys’ deep industry expertise and the breadth of Infosys Cobalt offerings, resulting in new and enhanced ways to address difficult business challenges faster.

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