Bringing revolution in Digital Marketing Business, Mikhil Nayyar’s Story

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He is grateful, cheerful, and a social media geek. Today, you are going to read the story of a man who entered into the field which can literally be called a new battlefield as this industry has a lot of companies who are offering similar services with great packages at a highly competitive price. 

Here, we bring to you the story of the founder of Kimik Media. He says that it would be tough if his wife would not have supported him in his entrepreneurial journey. He gives the credit of starting Kimik Media to his family and ex-colleagues. 

His reason to give business life a shot is the gap he realized when he saw the biased quality of  services given to small companies in comparison with big companies. Now, he provides SME’s  and MSME’s the best quality of digital services at affordable prices. 

His startup Kimik Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in creative advertising campaigns and products. Mikhil with his team creates designs, digital assets, and develops viral campaigns &  commercials for the mid-level companies.

Read what he has to say about his journey and entrepreneurship. 

Please tell me something about yourself. 

I am an entrepreneur by nature and I’ve been running my own company for the past four and a  half years now. And before that, I was into digital marketing only and now I, along with my team, am trying to bring some kind of a change in the industry by helping small and medium businesses with their digital marketing strategies. 

What inspired you to start a business? 

It was very tough. I must say that and totally admit that the decision to leave a job wherein I was  positioned on a country head level to start something of my own from scratch. But while I was  working in my last organization, the few things I noticed were the kind of exploitation the big  agencies are doing on brands by providing digital marketing services at a very high cost. That  gave me a kick and even bring a thought in my mind that I can start something of my own and  provide services to the small and medium businesses who cannot even think of going the way of  digital marketing for promoting their brands. So I believe that was my biggest inspiration to start my own venture. 

Please tell us something about KIMIK Media? 

The idea at Kimik Media has always been to provide those services which are given to the  biggest brands in the market and do not differentiate on the size of the companies that we are  serving. It is the USP of Kimik Media and brands are also appreciative of the things that we are  doing for them. We are serving a lot of brands from all over the country and some of them are  connected with us from the day we started Kimik Media. That says a lot about us as they are  happy and satisfied with the efforts that we are making for them. The personal touch that we  give to each and every client of ours is something which is, I can say, the driving force for them  to stick to us and not search for any other agency. 

What was the idea behind this name? 

With all smiles, That was a wordplay. If you see KIMIK, It has my name in it that is M-I-K. I was  thinking of some name on a palindrome kind of basis which can be spelled same from the  start-to-end and end-to-start. So I played a bit with that and came up with the name. And now,  it’s Kimik, Kimik and only Kimik. 

Please tell us about your entrepreneurial journey? What were the challenges you faced on the personal and professional front while setting up the business? 

The Journey has been super exciting so far. I’m loving every bit of it. If I talk about the challenges on the personal front. Taking the decision to leave my well-established job and a career that I was building for six, seven years was a tough decision. And on the professional front, I would say that we did get a lot of support on the day when we started off with Kimik Media and started with approaching new clients. 

But yes, as there is a cut-throat competition in the industry, pitching to a lot of clients, then getting them on board and making sure that they stick by the work that we are doing for them was challenging in the starting. But now since we have gained a lot of experience and we know how the service has to be provided, it is getting better. 

In the journey, we have learned things on a daily basis in the past four years. I personally do not have any mentor or any person in my family who could have guided me through this journey. Everyone in my family is from the service industry only and I am the first businessman in my family, so I myself have learned everything from whatever I have done, from whatever mistakes  me & my employees have committed, while interacting with the clients, pitching to them, or even from the smallest stage of getting any approval on any creative from any client. 

How tough is it to stay in the ‘DIGITAL’ game when we know that the field has cut-throat competition with hundreds of companies providing similar services? 

Over the years, it has become our USP that someone who gets serviced by us sticks with us. And I would say…Personal Touch is the key, that our company provides to each and every client, which makes our clients stick with us.

What are your future plans? 

We consider ourselves as a very young digital marketing agency and we create only a six-month plan for us. Right now, the plan for 2022 is to build an environment for the people who wants to become  social media influencer. This will be the place where they can come and learn how to become an influencer. This is one of the major things that we have started from 1 January 2022. So by end of this year, we are planning to launch that in a big way wherein we are associated with a  good number of influencers or even those people who are aspiring to become an influencer. 

But at the same time, let me be clear that we do not want to become an influencer management  company that is already present in the market. We just want to be someone who can train  individuals how to become one and how to stay as an influencer in this industry. 

Any message for future entrepreneurs.

Do not get disheartened with your first loss or something that is not working in the first attempt.  Keep on doing it until it happens for you. No matter how many failures you have to see, all you have to do is to keep on working on your goal. Keep on working to the place you want to reach to and believe me that if you’re are continuously making an effort to reach your goal, you will eventually get that one day.

So, these were the excerpts from our conversation with Mikhil Nayyar, the Founder of Kimik Media. Stay hooked with us to see the full interview Video.

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