Gartner predicts that unifying commercial strategies can help B2B organizations with revenue growth

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Gartner said that standardized customer engagement in today’s buying environment will only get sellers so far, even with the best methodology. The technology research and consulting firm advised the B2B sales organizations that they must take a more situationally aware approach. 

According to Gartner, tuning engagement skills and tactics with empathy for, and personalization to, a prospective buyer’s current state can be the best bet in the business to get customers.

“Today’s buyers have strong preferences and seemingly endless choice in their purchase decisions,” said Tom Cosgrove, senior director analyst in the Gartner Sales practice. “Simply being sensitive to this reality is woefully inadequate for sellers and marketers to cut-through the noise and differentiate themselves in buyers’ eyes. The clearest path to success lies at the intersection of sense making tactics and buyer-situational awareness.”

Gartner in its recent research predicts that B2B organizations that unify commercial strategies and leverage multithreaded commercial engagements will realize revenue growth that outperforms their competition by 50%.

Gartner states, ‘Sense making tactics help customers prioritize various sources of information, quantify trade-offs and reconcile conflicting information when making a complex purchase decision. It is based on a market-in view from the customer’s perspective, where sales reps acknowledge the information overload and offer the customer both reassurance and guidance.’

The firm suggests Commercial leaders can start with the first, discontinuing seller-centric strategies and embrace customer situational awareness. Second,  Initiate multithreaded engagements that individually serve all of the stakeholders on the buying team. And third, Reenvision the functional silos of marketing, sales, and service as a single go-to-market stakeholder group aligned around a common set of priorities and data.

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