STÜKEN, the Global Leader In Deep Draw Technology, Introduces New Solutions For The Automotive Industry’s Transformation

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Electric cars (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular. According to a recent survey conducted by Strategy&, PwC’s global strategy consulting firm, 64% of European customers want to purchase an electric vehicle over the next two years. The figure is as high as 100% among fleet operators. It’s no surprise that deep-drawn parts are in high demand in the e-mobility sector, particularly components comprised of copper alloys with functional surface coatings. Shielding is an important aspect of electric drives because it improves functional safety and efficiency.

Early on in the product development and design process, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) must be considered. For transmitting electricity from the battery to motors, axles, and other equipment, metallic busbars of various sizes and forms are required. Aluminum, bronze, and copper are employed as conductive alloys. 

“We realize deep-drawn parts for shielding, high voltage cabling, connectors, housings for sensors and much more for our customers. There are almost no limits to the geometry of the components: round parts, angular or oval parts, combinations of these or even free-form contours are possible. We offer solutions that always focus on the requirements of our customers. If desired, we also take over the assembly of components. We are a reliable partner for our customers – even in times of transformation,”

Nils Petersohn, Managing Director at STÜKEN. 
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