Flipkart’s Shopsy launches a brand new TVC campaign with Sara Ali Khan

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Shopsy, Flipkart’s social commerce platform, has launched a new campaign called “It Happens Only on Shopsy,” which highlights the platform’s value proposition as a hyper value platform with unbelievably low prices that prompt unexpected reactions, as depicted by the tagline “Shopsy pe prices aise lage free jaise.”

The goal of the campaign is to reach out to the general public in Tier 2 and beyond cities across the country. Shopsy launched this campaign to enhance its position as a value-driven shopping destination for all seasons and events, based on thorough consumer data. The campaign, which was created by Tilt Brand Solutions Private Limited, comprises two ad films that are based on the realities of the current market, in which buyers are so used to paying exorbitant prices that they are taken aback when they obtain high-value products at incredibly low costs.

The two professionally chosen commercials are aligned with Shopsy’s primary value propositions of cost and convenience. In the first, Sara Ali Khan has an altercation with a delivery worker who refuses to accept more money for a 5-rupee item. Sara is taken aback by the price, and her delight quickly turns to a quandary as she struggles to comprehend the item’s price of rupees 5! The delivery worker slips the change under her door hole as the movie ends. In the second film, Ayesha Raza Mishra plays a woman who is standing in line when a girl, portrayed by Sara Ali Khan, approaches her and asks her to hold her bag for a moment. It then abruptly turns into a dialogue when the woman compliments the bag, prompting the girl to offer the woman her bag. The girl instantly empties her bag and hands it to the woman, telling her about Shopsy’s unique offerings and diverse selection.

“Our priority with Shopsy since inception has been to pay close attention to our customers’ nuanced needs and provide them with best offerings leveraging Flipkart’s established delivery networks, infrastructure, and technology. Today’s shoppers prefer an expansive range of offerings that is both easily accessible and value-driven. This campaign is yet another step towards establishing Shopsy as a one-stop destination that caters to customers’ various needs while committing to deliver value,” 

Prakash Sikaria, Senior Vice President – Growth and Monetization, Flipkart, said.
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