Trinity-Infosys, collaboration to bridge the gap between liberal arts and technology skills

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Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology, and next-generation services, said today that it is expanding its exclusive partnership with Trinity College to better educate talent for the future workplace. Since its inception in 2018, the program has enrolled over 450 new Infosys employees, and it employs applied to learn instructional methodologies to educate participants with liberal arts backgrounds for success in the digital workplace. The Trinity-Infosys Applied Learning Initiative will be delivered to at least 500 new workers over the next three years.

The Trinity-Infosys Applied Learning Initiative provides learning opportunities for Infosys employees through engaging with the college’s faculty and alumni. The two organizations will continue to team up to co-develop content, building on Trinity College’s core strengths in the liberal arts while also drawing on capabilities in technology and innovation to generate real-world case study material from Infosys.

“Our collaboration with Trinity College reflects our investment in the future, where digital technology will enable all aspects of our work lives. It’s essential that tomorrow’s workforce is intellectually diverse to create opportunities for innovation. Bridging the gap between liberal arts and technology through collaborations, like ours with Trinity College, is a sure step to building a workforce that encompasses varied viewpoints and creates powerful solutions to problems while generating ideas to make the world a better place. We’re delighted that the initiative is expanding to include at least 500 more new Infosys employees,”

Tan Moorthy, Executive Vice President, Infosys, said.

“To date, our collaboration with Infosys has provided a distinctive means of combining liberal arts skills with success in the digital world. In the next stage, we will extend and expand this mission, continuing to prepare the next generation of talent. Tomorrow’s workplace will require people with human-centered skill sets who can leverage digital technology to design impactful experiences. We’re very pleased that the expansion of this collaboration will continue to play a key role in fostering innovation and lifelong learning across industries in Hartford and Connecticut,”

Sonia Cardenas, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of the Faculty, and Professor of Political Science for Trinity College said.
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