Xerox Elem Additive installs ElemX 3D printer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Advance Metal Additive Manufacturing

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To develop metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies, Xerox Elem Additive Solutions announced the installation of a Xerox ElemX 3D metal printer at the Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) on Thursday.

The ElemX makes use of Liquid Metal AM, which employs low-cost aluminum wire and is simple to deploy, requiring no additional facility changes. Unlike many other metal 3D printing technologies, the ElemX requires very little post-processing, resulting in a faster time-to-part.

“Developing metal AM technologies that are simpler to install and integrate into existing manufacturing operations will be key to increasing adoption throughout the industry. Oak Ridge National Laboratory has a long history of advancing innovative manufacturing technologies. This installation will enable us to further refine our liquid metal AM technology and achieve our goal of creating more resilient supply chains for our customers,”

said Xerox Elem Additive General Manager and Vice President Tali Rosman.

ORNL uses its science capabilities to address challenges in AM, according to Dehoff, by improving performance characteristics, optimizing systems and software to achieve mainstream manufacturing, developing qualification frameworks to create born-certified components, and developing a comprehensive understanding of process capabilities and limitations through physics-based simulation and advanced characterization. MDF researchers collaborate with hundreds of industry partners to enhance the state of the art in additive manufacturing and open up new possibilities.

“ORNL has a long history of working with industry on alloy deployment and the improvement of material performance in AM. This process is promising for high-volume applications such as automotive; leveraging our experience with alloy development will help us expand the available number of alloys and applications,”

said Ryan Dehoff, section head for secure and digital manufacturing at ORNL.

ElemX is a safer and easier metal 3D printing solution for transportation, aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing supply chain robustness. Until now, the ability to consistently and successfully 3D print aluminum has posed a problem to the industry. ElemX, unlike other metal 3D printing technologies, does not use dangerous metal powders and does not require PPE or other significant safety measures. ElemX is the appropriate alternative for spares, repairs, and low-volume production parts because it was designed to simplify the supply chain process.

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