Vifor Pharma’s DIAMOND trial shows Veltassa enables patients to achieve long-term potassium control

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Vifor Pharma, on Monday, announced full results from its phase-IIIb DIAMOND trial showing that Veltassa® allowed patients to achieve long-term potassium control, reduced the risk of recurrent hyperkalemia and prolonged optimized and guideline recommended renin-angiotensin aldosterone system inhibitor (RAASi) therapy. 

DIAMOND is the largest interventional study for potassium binders to date, enrolling over 1,000 patients and investigating the benefits of potassium control. The trial met its primary and all five key secondary endpoints and the findings were presented at the American College of Cardiology’s (ACC) 71st Annual Scientific Session & Expo in Washington, D.C.

“We are very encouraged by the full results of the DIAMOND trial which are a milestone for patients suffering from heart failure. Data from this trial demonstrated that Veltassa® controlled serum potassium and reduced the risk of recurrent hyperkalemia, while allowing more patients to be treated with guideline recommended, life-saving RAASi therapy.”

Dr. Klaus Henning Jensen, Chief Medical Officer of Vifor Pharma

Treatment with Veltassa lowered the risk of hyperkalemia events by 37% and the patients with chronic kidney disease observed a greater benefit with Veltassa.

“These results are further evidence for the use of potassium binders to optimize heart failure medical therapy”, commented Prof. Javed Butler, Principal Investigator for the DIAMOND study. “RAASi offers significant survival benefits for these patients, but due to risk of hyperkalemia these therapies are unfortunately underutilized in practice. For cases where hyperkalemia is the dominant reason for not giving guideline-directed RAASi therapy, Veltassa® can be an enablement strategy to allow patients to get optimized RAASi therapy while simultaneously lowering the risk of hyperkalemia”.

The company said, ‘To date, Veltassa is the only potassium binder studied in placebo-controlled trials proven to control potassium without compromising RAASi in a variety of patient profiles.’

With the ongoing phase-IV PLATINUM research and the CARE-HK in HF worldwide registry to evaluate evidence-based care using Veltassa® in chronic kidney disease and heart failure patients, Vifor Pharma continues to support many real-world data generation programmes. 

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