Infosys and Rolls-Royce extend strategic collaboration with the launch of joint ‘Aerospace Engineering and Digital Innovation Centre’ in India

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In Bengaluru, India, Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, and Rolls-Royce, one of the world’s premier industrial technology firms, today opened their joint ‘Aerospace Engineering and Digital Innovation Centre.’ This centre was designed to supply Rolls-engineering Royce’s and group business services with high-end research and development (R&D) services integrated with advanced digital capabilities from India. The collaboration between Infosys and Rolls-Royce has been strengthened by strategic agreements targeted at generating mutual benefits for both companies over the next seven years.

“Our strategic partnership with Infosys presents an exciting opportunity for both companies to leverage combined strengths in engineering and digital innovation to accelerate growth in the civil aerospace market. Given the aerospace sector is poised for revival and growth in India and across the world, this joint innovation centre will strengthen Rolls-Royce’s global engineering ecosystem and position us well for the future,”

Kishore Jayaraman, President, India and South Asia, Rolls-Royce, said.

Infosys and Rolls-Royce will combine their aerospace, engineering, and digital services expertise as part of this cooperation to investigate prospects for advancing digital and engineering innovation, as well as cost-cutting measures. The two companies will also provide manufacturing engineering services for the global civil aerospace ecosystem by boosting the country’s local skill pool.

“Infosys is a valued partner to Rolls-Royce, and the capabilities from this collaboration will certainly enhance our shared services portfolio and bring greater value to the business. We remain committed to India and look forward to tapping the rich talent and potential in this market,”

Astrid Hartmann, Director of Global Business Services, Rolls-Royce added. 

With the opening of a combined ‘Aerospace Engineering and Digital Innovation Centre’ in India, Infosys and Rolls-Royce expand their strategic partnership. The senior leadership teams of Rolls Royce and Infosys have opened a joint Aerospace Engineering and Digital Innovation Centre.

“We are delighted to extend our collaboration with Rolls-Royce and work towards digitally transforming engineering and business process management shared services in India. We will aim to be a catalyst for Rolls-Royce to deliver efficiency, effectiveness and experience while driving continuous change towards creating a value ecosystem that is sustainable. This engagement is testament to the longstanding collaboration between Infosys and Rolls-Royce, which is poised to set new benchmarks in the aerospace, defence, and manufacturing sectors,”

Jasmeet Singh, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Manufacturing, Infosys, said.

As part of its efforts to increase engineering and R&D services in India, Rolls-Royce created a multifunctional engineering hub in Bengaluru over the last decade. Rolls-Royce and Infosys announced a relationship in December 2020 for sourcing engineering and R&D services for Rolls-Civil Royce’s Aerospace division, with Rolls-Royce transitioning a large portion of its engineering centre skills to Infosys. Infosys will continue to leverage its domain expertise, experience, and investments to augment its existing capabilities and deliver enhanced end-to-end solutions for its clients while lowering operational costs.

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