Undercover Snacks Hits the Business Sweet Spot with NetSuite

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Undercover Snacks, an innovative chocolate snack company, is adopting Oracle NetSuite to support its rapid growth in the United States and around the world. Undercover Snacks was able to integrate its core business operations with the help of NetSuite, allowing it to easily connect customer, supplier, production, and warehouse data. Undercover Snacks has acquired comprehensive insight and control over inventory, business operations, and financial planning since integrating NetSuite.

Diana Levy established Undercover’s signature line of Chocolate Quinoa Crisps in 2017 after being inspired to make a tasty chocolate snack that was gluten-free and allergy-friendly for two of her three daughters who had been diagnosed with Celiac illness. Diana began by creating modest batches in a rented commercial kitchen and personally distributing to Whole Foods stores in the northeast, but as sales and demand grew, she realised she needed to considerably boost production. After failing to find co-manufacturers, Diana and her husband Michael planned and built a cutting-edge SQF-certified manufacturing plant capable of producing over 40,000 bags each day.

“With a uniquely delicious taste and texture, combined with a healthier nutrition profile, Undercover Snacks is experiencing strong and accelerating demand from consumers seeking better-for-you snacks that taste even better than conventional choices,”

said Diana Levy, CEO, and co-owner of Undercover Snacks.

Undercover Snacks was able to swiftly increase its sales thanks to this investment, with distribution increasing from about 2,000 to over 10,000 outlets globally in the last two years. Because of Undercover Snacks’ capacity to develop swiftly, the firm has been able to grow into new channels where snacks are consumed, such as United Airlines, which now distributes Undercover Snacks on flights all around the world. As the company grew, it became clear that old systems and manual processes were wasting time while failing to provide the functionality and visibility required. Undercover Snacks replaced QuickBooks with NetSuite to address these issues and create an integrated platform that would help them scale in the future.

“But as demand has soared, so did the complexity of our business. We knew we were being held back by the systems we were using and we wanted a solution that could support our sales growth and operational expansion plans. With NetSuite, we’ve automated critical business functions and gained greater insight into every aspect of our business. This is allowing us to fine-tune our operations, improve efficiencies, and ensure we maintain the highest level of food safety and quality as we continue to build our business. NetSuite is a force-multiplier allowing us to punch above our weight, and is an essential part of our ambitious growth plan,” 

said Michael Levy, chairman, and co-owner of Undercover Snacks.

Undercover Snacks may use NetSuite to manage its complete operation, from manufacturing to sales, accounting, and invoicing, on a single platform. By centralizing all order and sales data from major wholesalers, direct retailers, Amazon, and its own eCommerce site, NetSuite has helped Undercover Snacks to optimize order fulfillment and invoicing processing. By automating the inventory management process, classifying items by inventory level and expiration dates, and establishing automatic alerts and notifications, NetSuite has also helped Undercover Snacks improve demand planning. 

“Undercover Snacks has achieved impressive growth in just a few short years. By centralizing manufacturing processes and integrating operations on NetSuite, Undercover Snacks is reaping the rewards of its business insights and is well-positioned for future growth. We look forward to seeing its continued success,”

said David Rodman, SVP of Customer Success, Oracle NetSuite.  

NetSuite also helps the company monitor and maintain the highest operational standards in terms of on-time delivery, food quality and safety, and other key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as offering visibility into its customers, suppliers, and carriers through EDI connectors. It recently installed the NetSuite Warehouse Management System to further optimize the business as it continues to expand its operations to support expansion, building on its success with NetSuite.

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