“Us & Our Planet: This Is How We Live” – A book about life at home and sustainable living

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IKEA proudly offers Us & Our Planet: This Is How We Live, a book co-created by PHAIDON and IKEA. They’ve teamed up to investigate one of our generation’s most pressing issues, sustainable living. Us & Our Planet follows the daily lives of twelve ordinary people from around the world, including activists, artists, athletes, and gardeners, as well as young families. From Mexico to Bali, the book highlights the simple actions that can be taken to improve our planet.

“This is an inspirational study of the home, as the most important place on earth, and how we all, with small steps, can make the world a better place”,

Tina Petersson-Lind, Communication Manager, Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

IKEA has been doing home visits all over the world since the 1950s to learn more about how people live and how daily life at home might be improved. This feedback informs product development and is reflected in new IKEA generations. Us & Our Planet, which was inspired by IKEA’s live-at-home visits, features case studies of twelve different individuals and families from around the world. The book also shows some of IKEA’s most iconic goods over the last 70 years that have resulted from this strategy.

IKEA’s overall goal is to become people and planet positive by 2030, and to inspire and allow as many people as possible to live a better everyday life within the earth’s constraints. “The IKEA People & Planet Positive 2030 strategy” outlines the IKEA franchise system’s and value chain’s sustainability goals and objectives.

“At IKEA we work to develop and offer products, services and home furnishing solutions to inspire and enable people to live a healthier and more sustainable life at home. Our work is focused on five areas where the IKEA offer (both products and services) has a direct impact on people’s health and ability to reduce their environmental footprint at home: energy, air, water, food, and waste.”,

Lena Julle, Sustainability Manager, IKEA of Sweden.

Time, Space, Food, Rest, Play, and Togetherness are the six thematic chapters in Us & Our Planet. Three legendary IKEA designs, two life visits interviewed and shot by local writers and photographers, and one photo essay by a photographer who has interpreted the chapter’s theme are featured in each chapter. This book aims to inspire a large number of people and acts as a call to action for each of us to take little but meaningful measures at home to improve our world.

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