Infosys Launches Its Living Lab Ecosystem In Melbourne To Advance Digital Co-Creation In Australia

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Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, has announced the launch of its Melbourne Living Lab, the latest in a global network of over 20.

The Living Lab, which is based on an ecosystem concept, will enable the convergence of digital technologies and human experience. Infosys partners will be able to harness solution accelerators, digital experiences, and frameworks to ideate, develop, and test ideas in a stadium-style collaboration area amidst graffiti featuring Melbourne’s symbols such as Luna Park and Brighton’s bathing boxes.

These solution accelerators, led by its Centre for Emerging Technologies, use digital technologies such as Cloud, 5G, IoT, 3D, AI, Cyber Security, Data & Analytics, AR, VR, and others to address industry use cases in Financial Services, Telcos, Retail, Utilities, Manufacturing, Sports Tech, and Edu Tech, among others.

The Infosys Melbourne living lab will also enable Infosys partners to test and incubate extended reality experiences in a 360-degree digital-donut, Infosys’ Virtual Living Lab, and virtual reality zones, after the opening of its Metaverse foundry.

Tim Pallas, Victoria’s Treasurer and Minister for Economic Development and Industrial Relations, and Andrew Groth, Executive Vice President and Region Head, Infosys Australia and New Zealand, celebrated the Melbourne Living Lab’s opening today with a tour of the facility and a live demonstration of its capabilities.

“Victoria’s dynamic innovation sector and robust education ecosystem will support Infosys’ strategy to advance digital innovation, digital skills, and digital inclusion. Investing in this state-of-the-art space will help inspire and incubate innovative digital solutions to help support Australia’s vision to be a world-leading digital economy,”

Executive Vice President and Region Head, Infosys Australia and New Zealand Andrew Groth commented.

The Living Lab will bring together Infosys’ digital ecosystem, comprising customers, partners, start-ups, academia, and government, in a co-creation and collaboration environment at Infosys’ new state-of-the-art workplace, which covers 5 storeys and over 9200 sqm at Two Melbourne Quarter in Docklands.

The Lab will also aid in the acceleration of ESG-centric innovation through the use of digital technology and practical sustainability services.

“This continuing investment by Infosys shows that Victoria is fertile ground for major global companies, and we’ll continue to create the conditions that allow businesses to thrive and grow jobs,”

Minister for Economic Development Tim Pallas commented.

The investment comes after the Victorian Government announced its International Investment Strategy, which aims to attract global organizations from growth industries to secure the skills, capabilities, and technology needed to support innovative partnerships that will drive long-term growth in the Victorian economy.

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