TCS Launches Risk-Based Monitoring Solution for biopharmaceutical and Contract Research Organizations

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched an agile and intuitive risk-based monitoring solution for clinical trials, that enables intelligent decision making, increased compliance and improves study efficacy. 

The innovative and user-friendly Risk Based Monitoring solution identifies missing data, improves data quality and consistency, and allows for early detection of trends and outliers. The solution is expected to increase site monitoring efficiency by up to 30% for sponsors and CROs.  Furthermore, automation enhances overall compliance and benefits to product speed-to-market by accelerating the process, reducing site workload, and speeding up the process.

TCS ADD™ is a modern and open drug development platform for life sciences that supports digital ecosystems, reduces data complexity, and allows patients to get new and effective treatments faster. 

The new risk-based monitoring solution is a part of the TCS ADD™ suite. The solution allows biopharmaceutical and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to identify study and site risks through advanced statistical algorithms and drive intelligent data driven decisions. 

“With COVID 19 critically impacting site visits, life sciences industries realized the value of remote Risk Based Monitoring solutions that empower sponsors to monitor trials centrally, assess the risks and track corrective actions to enhance study quality. With our deep domain knowledge of the life sciences industry, we are continually expanding the capabilities of our modern and open TCS ADD platform to include data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning led clinical operational analytics solutions that transform the drug development value chain, deliver greater value for our customers and achieve faster compliance.”

Debashis Ghosh, Business Group Head, Life Sciences Healthcare, and Public Services, TCS

The company said, ‘Tata Consultancy Services Solution, Part of TCS ADD™ Analytics and Insights, Uses Machine Learning and AI to Remotely Monitor Study and Site Risks, and Improves Study Efficacy’

The data science led risk-based monitoring solution precisely predicts outcomes pertaining to site workload and risks, thereby enabling stakeholders to lay out proactive monitoring strategies.

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