Headspace report suggests corporates to build a culture of mental health

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Headspace, one of the most soughted platform for mental health, has released it fourth annual report named “Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health”. The best thing about the new changes in working culture is that the high-end c-suite executives has started talking about Mental health and the stigmas around stress and anxiety talks are lessening.

According to the report, ‘In 2022, 65% of CEOs report talking about their mental health in the workplace, compared to only 35% back in 2020.’

The Behavioral Health Coach at Headspace Health, Shula Melamed said, “When battling burnout, adopting a growth mindset allows you to see challenges as opportunities to learn and innovate rather than as a signal to give up.”

Report says that giving employees a reason to stay involves more than providing flashy perks and for many, even increased pay. Today, when employees say “more,” they actually mean, “purpose,” “meaning,” “to feel valued.” The new currency is less about dollars and more about experiencing compassionate support, psychological safety, and a sense of belonging. 

Headspace suggested that to stamp out the cycle of resignation, employers can start with an inclusive, person-centered approach to mental healthcare.

In 2022 and beyond, conversations will shift from the ‘business case’ of DEI&B to the ‘wellness case’ for DEI&B, given the continued focus on building, retaining, and supporting diverse workforces.”

Désirée Pascual, Chief People Experience Officer at Headspace Health

*DEI&B: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

The report mainly talks about the four key insights that says:

  • COVID-19 related stress has started to fall, however, employees are increasingly feeling stress spring up from new sources.
  • Employers are slowing down and falling off when it comes to providing mental health support.
  • Employees want care to be easily accessible, financially feasible, and deeply personalized. 
  • Managers are balancing their team’s emotional and functional capacity and they are feeling the blowback.

The CEO of the Headspace, Russell Glass, tweeted the link to the report that can be seen here:

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