Vi Partners With Icrier To Set Up Telecom Center, InViCT

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Vodafone Idea Limited has partnered with the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) for a Telecom Centre of Excellence (CoE), which has been named InViCT, with the goal of facilitating research advisory and policy support in the field of “telecom policy, governance, and regulation” and to contribute to the achievement of the Digital India mission (ICRIER and Vodafone Idea Centre for Telecom).

Dr. Deepak Mishra, Director & CEO, ICRIER, and Mr. P. Balaji, Chief Regulatory & Corporate Affairs Officer, Vodafone Idea Limited, recently signed an MoU to this effect in the national capital.

The CoE would bring together government, academia, and industry stakeholders on a single platform to help India’s telecom sector establish a coordinated policy response to evolving technological and business trends.

The Indian telecom sector, which is one of the world’s largest, has become the backbone of Digital India’s journey. As India enters the 5G era, it will be necessary to expand the talent pool, foster technological innovation, safeguard and manage the country’s information infrastructure, and assure economic growth through improved connections.

“The Telecom industry has been at the forefront of driving the digital revolution in India. Even as India’s data driven society is being built on high speed networks and ubiquitous connectivity, the advent of 5G will further unlock new opportunities fuelling innovation in the country. Digital connectivity should therefore be placed at the highest order of priority for policy planning. Through the formation of InViCT, in partnership with ICRIER, we will foster research and facilitate dialogue amongst all stakeholders on telecom policy, governance and regulation, with a view to establish sustainable growth of the sector contributing to the achievement of the Govt’s Digital India mission,”

Mr. P. Balaji, Chief Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Officer, Vodafone Idea Limited, said.

InViCT aims to close this gap by identifying and recording best practices, creating and sharing information, and addressing the regulatory, policy, and governance concerns that affect the Indian telecom sector.

“The ICRIER and Vodafone Idea Centre for Telecom (InViCT) marks ICRIER’s long term commitment to strengthen the analytical underpinnings of telecom policy research in India. The Centre is an infusion of the strong research capacity of ICRIER and the extensive public policy outreach of Vodafone Idea. We therefore expect the Centre to emerge as a credible source of knowledge, policy ideas and technical support in the telecom space,”

Dr. Deepak Mishra, Director& CEO – ICRIER stated.

InViCT will operate as a self-contained research centre, bringing together stakeholders from the corporate sector, academia, and government, and combining their energy and strengths with the best of the country’s talent. Its primary study will be in the fields of telecom laws, legislation, and practice, as well as allied industries such as ICT. Through monthly workshops and round table meetings, it will also provide a forum for sharing views with the industry, government, regulators, and other academic institutes.

In the future, InViCT may form partnerships with government-approved incubators to further research. The Board, situated in New Delhi, will rule and run the Centre, which will be co-chaired by leadership nominees from ICRIER and VIL. Senior officials from the Department of Transportation, the TRAI, and the COAI sit on the Board.

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