Epidemic Sound Launches AI Audio-Based Search Tool on Google Cloud

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Epidemic Sound, the market-leading service for royalty-free music direct licensing, unveiled Epidemic Audio Reference (EAR) on Tuesday, an audio-based search tool that will assist content producers to identify music for their projects quickly and efficiently.

Millions of storytellers throughout the world, from YouTubers to tiny businesses to the world’s largest brands, use Epidemic Sound’s 35,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects. Creators may now use EAR to manually choose certain sections of Epidemic Sound recordings to use as search criteria, creating a more natural search experience. The application, which was built with Google Cloud technology such as BigQuery, TensorFlow, and Vertex AI, analyses the characteristics and notes of the chosen bar of music and then suggests songs with a similar tone and sound.

“EAR is the latest feature in our commitment to making it as easy and quick as possible for content creators to find the right music no matter how they search. Google Cloud’s scalable and light-touch infrastructure has been instrumental to our ability to meet user demand and develop innovations like EAR,”

Greg Elkehag Funk, Chief Product Officer at Epidemic Sound.

The launch of EAR on Google Cloud is the latest step in the ongoing strategic relationship between the two organizations. Epidemic Sound chose Google Cloud in 2019 to establish a scalable infrastructure and swiftly grow its business in order to keep up with its growing worldwide community of users. Since then, Google’s technological portfolio has been expanded to include advertising and analytics, machine learning capabilities, containerization, computation, and storage.

Google Cloud is already supporting Epidemic sound to:

Provide platform users with more tailored and frictionless experiences. Epidemic Sound can integrate numerous sources of external and internal data and employ machine learning analytics to understand user behavior better using BigQuery and Looker. By matching results with a user’s taste based on the music they’ve already downloaded, Epidemic Sound can also transform these insights into better library categorization, targeted searches, and recommendations.

Accelerate product and service development – Epidemic Sound is able to save up developer time by using Google Kubernetes Engine to manage application deployment, scaling, and updates, allowing them to stay laser-focused on the development of new platform features and services for creators.

Ensure platform stability and reliability – Epidemic Sound is utilizing Google Cloud’s safe and scalable global infrastructure to help control traffic fluctuations and decrease latency – regardless of the number of users who visit the site.

“Epidemic Sound represents a great example of a business continually transforming and adapting to change. We are proud to work with a home-grown Swedish company and be part of its growth journey. Through the use of Google Cloud technologies, Epidemic Sound can now equip and empower its entire organization with the tools necessary to serve its growing digital communities,”

Eva Fors, Managing Director, Google Cloud Nordic Region.

Drive a cost-effective marketing strategy – Epidemic Sound can capture real-time user behaviors and precisely forecast client lifetime value by linking Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads with Google Analytics in the cloud.

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