LTI Innovation Studio for SAP Business Technology Platform Launched at SAP Sapphire

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Larsen & Toubro is a company based in India. At the SAP Sapphire conference in 2022, Infotech, a worldwide technology consulting and digital solutions company, unveiled its LTI Innovation Studio for SAP Business Technology Platform. With the RISE with SAP solution and SAP Business Technology Platform, the LTI Innovation Studio for SAP Business Technology Platform enables multinational enterprises to speed up their transformation journeys (SAP BTP). The studio assists companies in realizing their vision of the intelligent enterprise and maximizing the value of their digital core investments.

With ready-to-deploy industry-leading digital apps, microservices, and a migration cockpit, LTI Innovation Studio for SAP Business Technology Platform enables digital transformation. It is a set of services and tools that can help businesses improve their operations by automating business processes and making them smarter, easier to use, and more efficient by leveraging key SAP BTP components such as SAP HANA®, the SAP Analytics Cloud solution, AI, machine learning, enterprise integration APIs, and UX extensibility tools.

“The post-pandemic world has made it critical for every business to operate like a digital native business. Many enterprises have made significant investments in SAP solutions and are now looking to accelerate their digital transformation journeys on top of such investments. LTI has an extraordinary record of innovating with SAP solutions. LTI Innovation Studio for SAP Business Technology Platform is our latest investment that allows businesses to accelerate their digital native transformation.”

Vineet Moroney, Executive Vice President & Global Head of SAP Practice at LTI.

As companies move toward a digital-native operating model, having quick digital innovations coupled to the digital core in a clean, composable architecture becomes critical. With a curated collection of design-thinking approaches, engineering tools, and prebuilt industry reference models, LTI Innovation Studio for SAP Business Technology Platform allows such innovation.

“LTI is a global strategic SAP partner that brings a rich heritage of SAP software-enabled and industry-centric innovations. LTI Innovation Studio for SAP Business Technology Platform in combination with LTI’s portfolio of service offerings for the RISE with SAP solution will help accelerate an organization’s journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise while driving business value with digital innovations built on SAP BTP,”

Marc Rolfe, Senior Vice President, and Head of Strategic Partners at SAP

Many global enterprises are currently using their unique competitive edge with LTI solutions built on SAP BTP. LTI, for example, has worked with a multi-national industrial conglomerate to rethink its business across 63 entities by introducing seven digital innovations based on SAP BTP. LTI leveraged SAP BTP to produce many SAP-certified, award-winning industry cloud solutions that are now available to enterprises around the world through the SAP Store.

Engineering and construction, manufacturing, life sciences, and other industries all benefit from these solutions. Paychain, for example, is a construction industry tool that may automate the payment process for vendors, contractors, and subcontractors, which has traditionally been a manual, error-prone administrative procedure. In addition, LTI recently received certification in the life sciences industry for T-cell therapy and Controlled Drug Compliance solutions.

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