Nokia Moves HR Functions to Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM

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As part of its global digitalization drive, Nokia has chosen Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) to consolidate and replace its Human Resources systems in the cloud. Nokia will use Oracle Cloud HCM to manage all HR activities for the company’s global workforce in its 130 countries of operation, including recruitment, remuneration, and performance monitoring.

Nokia introduced its ‘One Nokia Digital’ strategy in 2021 to help the corporation become more competitive by digitising its operations. Nokia will replace its on-premises HR systems with Oracle Cloud HCM as part of these initiatives. Nokia chose Oracle Cloud HCM because of its ability to unify HR processes on a single data platform, allowing the company to provide a consistent employee experience across teams while also managing and scaling HR services globally.

“Optimizing employee care and experience is a central part of our people strategy. Our aim is to deliver organizational agility, a seamless employee experience, and efficiency gains that support Nokia’s competitiveness. We are delighted to partner with Oracle because Oracle Cloud HCM provides a strong foundation to build digital experiences with true user-centricity,”

said Lisbeth Nielsen, Head of People Experience at Nokia.

Nokia will be able to connect all processes across the employee lifecycle with Oracle Cloud HCM, allowing them to make better decisions and save money. Oracle Cloud HCM will also enable Nokia to take advantage of the latest innovations and best practices to run its business more efficiently and better empower Nokia employees, people managers, and HR professionals, thanks to AI-powered technology such as digital assistants and hundreds of new capabilities added each quarter.

“By leveraging best-of-breed solutions like Oracle Cloud HCM, we want to bring Nokia to the next level of digital maturity. The implementation will contribute to increased efficiency and productivity and will provide AI and data capabilities that we can take advantage of to develop business performance and agility,”

said Alan Triggs, Nokia Chief Digital Officer.

“Nokia has a culture of innovation that has enabled it to lead its industry for years, and with Oracle Cloud HCM it now has an integrated platform, powered by the latest emerging technologies, to support its current and future HR needs,” said Cormac Watters, EVP Applications EMEA at Oracle.

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