Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust Delivers Streamlined IT Services with Freshworks

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Freshworks, a software firm that empowers the people who power businesses, has altered how The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust provides critical IT services to clinical staff by utilizing the cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) platform Freshservice.

The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, located on the outskirts of London and serving as the official hospital for Stansted Airport, serves a population of 258,000 people, ensuring that its services are always in great demand. As one of the few NHS Trusts with money granted to construct a new location in the next years, assisting the organization in future-proofing its digital infrastructure to deliver next-generation integrated care was critical.

“Implementing Freshservice is a really positive step forward for The Trust, our staff and patients, plus the communities we serve. Technology has the power to transform the way we provide care – and by harnessing self-service to its full potential, we will improve care for patients, and support our staff to deliver the high-quality care they aspire to,”

Jeffrey Wood, Deputy Director of ICT at Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust.

With hundreds of IT service tickets submitted to IT support every day, ranging from password resets to account lockouts, doctors had to wait several days for a resolution. This meant clinicians might not have access to essential patient data, but more critically, submitting and following up on IT requests took time away from front-line health professionals who should be doing more important things like caring for patients.

“Freshworks is proud to be supporting The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust in their goal to deliver a more robust IT service. The staff work exceptionally hard to deliver first-class health care for their patients, and we wanted to do everything we could to ensure Freshservice limited IT frustrations and freed up their time to be spent elsewhere,”

Simon Johnson, General Manager UK & Ireland at Freshworks.

Self-service has been a key component of the Trust’s IT solution since the adoption of Freshservice. Instead of IT professionals needing to walk someone through the easy process of resetting a password, the system connects the user to a site that allows for an automated reset, allowing staff to ‘self-serve,’ lowering wait times, and avoiding unneeded aggravation caused by routine IT issues.

“The implementation of Freshservice has enabled our hard-working teams to dedicate more of their time to delivering industry-leading care. We look forward to implementing further solutions from Freshworks, in our goal to continue improving the experience for our staff and patients,”

Jeffrey Wood.

Those interacting with the platform are also shown FAQs to help speed up problem-solving without the need for IT involvement, lowering the amount of IT resources required. Instead of having five individuals working on IT service requests all of the time, most issues may be handled automatically through self-service, requiring only one person to handle emergency IT calls over the phone.

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