GE to launch new Renewable Energy Digital suite

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On Monday, GE announced the launch of Lifespan, a new digital product portfolio that allows customers to optimize the performance and operations of renewable assets across their fleet. The Lifespan product suite is fully integrated, technology agnostic, and was designed in collaboration with operators to drive improved operations.

Renewable energy operators face significant challenges due to disconnected systems, siloed and inconsistent data, rising and unpredictable costs, and parts and labor shortages. As fleet owners and operators continue to expand as a result of the energy transition, they will need to abandon traditional tools and processes in order to increase revenue and reduce costs across their fleets.

“With Lifespan, we took digital transformation to the next level. This new platform really shows how digital solutions can help the wind industry get the best value and outcome out of the huge wind energy fleet that exists today and will keep growing over time,”

Anne McEntee, Onshore Wind Digital Services CEO, GE.

By providing real-time command and control, deep insights into fleet and site performance, and enabling the shift to condition-based maintenance to optimize energy production, Lifespan will help operators connect with the information and insights they need to seamlessly drive action across all aspects of their organization to support rapidly growing fleets.

“Lifespan came to life to solve significant challenges for GE’s customers and across our service fleets. We designed the product to connect all aspects of the organization to drive efficient operations; deploying the latest technology to create an integrated user experience, robust data management, expanded analytics, and provide information at the fingertips of field teams and our customers. It increases transparency across all facets of an organization from the CEO/asset manager to field operations,”

Brian Case, Onshore Wind Digital Services Chief Digital Officer, GE.

Lifespan was developed through many years of operating GE’s services fleet to enable operators to understand the health of their assets and make the best decisions possible at every level, including monitoring, analysis, inspection, execution, and security.

Lifespan was created in collaboration with operators to address their most pressing issues. Lifespan has been tested and validated to run GE’s managed assets, which include 40,000 wind turbines from 20 different wind turbine manufacturers. It currently supports the work of 5,000 field technicians on a daily basis.

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