Nokia Expands Industrial-Grade Private Wireless Solution With Wi-Fi

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With the launch of Nokia DAC Wi-Fi today, Nokia hopes to help industries connect their assets in the digital transformation process by providing greater flexibility. It will be included in the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC), an end-to-end industrial digitalization platform, which will include Wi-Fi connectivity.

When it comes to connecting industrial assets for Industry 4.0, wireless networks are essential. It is possible for businesses to gain new capabilities and efficiencies by utilizing real-time access to operational data and the low latency and secure connectivity that 4.9G/LTE and 5G provide. As a result, many organizations are moving toward Wi-Fi 6 in order to improve the capabilities of their connected legacy assets and services, despite the fact that they have traditionally used a variety of technologies, including Wi-Fi.

For non-critical operational technology (OT) workflows, such as deskless workforce instructions and non-critical connections used to access machine maintenance data, organizations can use the Nokia DAC Wi-Fi solution to tap into license-free spectrum. With the Nokia DAC single cloud-based operations and management interface for all connectivity technologies, these organizations can now add plug and play private wireless 4.9G/LTE and 5G for real-time reliable connectivity or increase capacity with Wifi6 for other connectivity requirements. This not only offers unmatched adaptability, but it also saves money because of the economies of scale that come with operating on a single platform.

As of the fourth quarter of 2022, Nokia DAC Wi-Fi will be available to meet the unique needs of each customer in terms of connectivity deployment:

“Private wireless is likely to dominate OT critical connectivity needs over time, but Wi-Fi is likely to remain part of the connectivity mix used in industrial plants for a long time to come. The recent evolution to Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, that helps makes Wi-Fi more deterministic, also makes it more suitable for less critical high bandwidth OT applications. The addition of Wi-Fi to Nokia’s private wireless and MX industrial edge solutions is a natural evolution that allows Nokia to offer enterprises a single platform that unifies Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity for the enterprises’ future Industry 4.0 needs.”

Michele Mackenzie, Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason

Starting with Wi-Fi 6/6E for IT and non-critical OT operations, customers have the option to upgrade to private wireless at any time as their needs change.

“By introducing the Nokia DAC Wi-Fi connectivity solution to our portfolio, we broaden our support for connecting machines, sensors and people to accelerate our clients’ Industry 4.0 journey. Moreover, with all data flowing into our MX Industrial Edge, we also make it easier for application developers and system integrators to create intelligent solutions as they can process that data in real-time on our open compute platform. With Nokia DAC Wi-Fi, we place connectivity choice firmly in the hands of our customers and offer a solution that best meets their digital transformation needs today and tomorrow.”

Stephan Litjens, Vice President of Enterprise solutions for Nokia

Additionally, hotspot locations can benefit from Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity in addition to cellular private wireless networks. Because the Nokia DAC Wi-Fi solution integrates with cellular private wireless networks and provides a seamless user experience by always being connected to the best layer, customers always receive the best connectivity.
Depending on the use case, Nokia MX Boost for private wireless over Nokia MXIE can improve connectivity even further. For the first time, companies can combine different wireless technologies like private wireless and Wi-Fi with Nokia MX Boost to maximize the performance of all radio layers.

Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, as well as Wi-Fi management and Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) functionality will be supported by the Nokia DAC Wi-Fi connectivity solution, which will be available in indoor and ruggedized outdoor access points configurations. The subscription model of Nokia DAC Wi-Fi allows the Access Points to be given away without charge.

The Nokia booth will be located in Hall 5, Booth E48 at the Hannover Messe from July 30 to June 2, 2012. Industry 4.0 transformation will be discussed with industrial-grade wireless connectivity solutions built for factory operations by company executives on-site. The Nokia Digital Automation Cloud Wi-Fi connectivity solution will also be demonstrated by industry experts at the event.

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