Nokia expands private wireless capabilities and industrial device portfolio to enrich connectivity

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Nokia announced today that its private wireless capabilities and portfolio of Nokia Industrial user equipment will be expanded. Manufacturers, mining companies, public safety agencies, and other organizations will have more ways to securely connect people and machines, unlock the value of their data, and support even more demanding use cases with the addition of new wearable devices and digital twinning.

Hand-held remote speaker microphones (RSMs), noise-canceling headsets, and helmet-compatible headsets from new partner Savox will provide more ways for workers to connect while increasing situational awareness to improve their safety. First responders, mining engineers, and others working in dangerous environments will be able to communicate without removing their protective gear and hearing in noisy environments. To meet regulatory requirements, all devices are designed, manufactured, and certified.

We’re also launching a Nokia Industrial 5G video camera with excellent low light performance and image quality, in addition to a wearable camera with or without push-to-talk functionality. The video camera can be wirelessly connected to your private 5G network, giving enterprise customers real-time video analysis, face recognition, object detection (for surveillance), defect detection (for industrial, and obstacles), road sign detection, and drive recording (for automotive).

“We have a long history of collaborating with professionals who work in harsh and demanding locations; therefore, we have a real understanding of their needs. We are laser focused on delivering innovative end-user dedicated solutions. With Nokia we can now offer our wearable devices to even more users, help improve their safety and enhance team communication with durable and robust communications solutions.”

Valtteri Seraste, Strategic Sales, Savox Communications said.

The new Nokia Network Digital Twin for private wireless allows businesses to see their network’s real-time and historical performance as measured by Nokia Industrial devices on-premises, allowing them to ensure that network SLAs are met. It also suggests steps to take in the event of poor network performance. Future scenarios can be tested without affecting the current environment, which will improve planning capabilities. Ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC) and time-sensitive networking (TSN) capabilities enabled by private wireless 5G SA networks will be especially important for innovative new industrial use cases. This will enable businesses to reconfigure their operational space as needed to meet their business needs.

“Nokia is committed to continually enhancing our private wireless offering and expanding our ecosystem through partner offerings to meet the many diverse and complex challenges that our customers face. We are pleased to introduce our new digital twin capabilities for private wireless and work with Savox to deliver solutions that meet the needs across industries.”

Shkumbin Hamiti, Head of Devices and Spectrum, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia Cloud and Network Services said.

Nokia has a robust private wireless portfolio to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation. This includes the Nokia Digital Automated Cloud (DAC) end-to-end industry-grade application platform, Modular Private Wireless (MPW), MX Industrial Edge, Nokia’s ruggedized 4G and 5G device portfolio, and data management applications.

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