Deloitte’s new survey says, ‘Gen Zs and millennials prefer hybrid work models’

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Deloitte recently published its 2022 survey report that says ‘Gen Zs and millennials prefer hybrid work models.’ The survey, connected with 14,808 Gen Zs and 8,412 millennials across 46 countries, recorded the responses and presented a picture of vivid contrasts.

As per the report, ‘these generations strive to balance their desire to drive change with the challenges of their everyday lives. Gen Zs (29%) and millennials (36%) selected cost of living (e.g., housing, transport, bills, etc.) as their greatest concern.’

The report indicates that as many as 43% of Gen Zs and 33% of millennials have a second part- or full-time paying job in addition to their primary job. It also says that a small, but growing, percentage are also moving to less expensive cities with remote jobs.

Deloitte report also talked about the great resignation and said, ‘The unprecedented circumstances of the past few years have prompted many people around the world to rethink their priorities, leading to the Great Resignation. This time of historic voluntary turnover presents significant opportunities for millennials and Gen Zs. As this year’s survey results indicate, the sustained workplace changes they’ve been asking for—including higher compensation, more flexibility, better work/life balance, increased learning and development opportunities, better mental health and wellness support, and a greater commitment from businesses to make a positive societal impact—are also the strategies that will help employers attract and retain talent.’

There are many financial advantages of working in a hybrid environment and oOne of the main reasons that many Gen Zs and millennials prefer hybrid or remote working is to save money on things like commuting, clothes, dry cleaning, and other expenses. 

A smaller percentage are taking advantage of remote work to relocate to less expensive cities. This appears to be a growing trend, roughly 15% of Gen Zs and millennials say they’ve done so this year, up from the 9% of respondents in last year’s survey who said they’d temporarily or permanently moved out of a major city. 

The pandemic has accelerated remote work and many would prefer not to go back to the office, at least not full time. The vast majority of Gen Zs (75%) and millennials (76%) would prefer working patterns where they either split their time between remote and on-site work or work entirely from home.

See the tweet and read the full report:

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