Hitachi Astemo Miyagi Plant commences mass production of EV inverters to meet increasing demand

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Hitachi Astemo, Ltd. announced today the start of mass production of electric vehicle inverters at its Miyagi No.4 Plant in Murata, Miyagi Prefecture, in order to meet the growing demand for electrification products.

Electric vehicles are in high demand around the world because of the important role they play in helping governments achieve carbon neutrality and reduce carbon emissions. To meet this growing demand, Hitachi Astemo has expanded its manufacturing capabilities and product line-up of core components for electric vehicles, such as motors and inverters, by forming manufacturing subsidiaries and completing the four-company integration in January 2021. To date, Hitachi Astemo’s plant in Kakuda, Miyagi Prefecture, has produced electric vehicle motors and inverters, a key component that controls the operation of the power generator. However, Hitachi Astemo has decided to begin mass production of these products at its Miyagi No.4 Plant in Murata, Miyagi Prefecture, which was recently built in March 2021, in order to expand its production capabilities.

Hitachi Astemo is dedicated to providing advanced mobility solutions that improve safety and comfort while also conserving the environment. As a result, we contribute to a more sustainable society while also providing value to our OEM customers.

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