Hitachi High-Tech Corporation Opens A Advanced-Technology Innovation Center Naka

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Hitachi High-Tech Corporation today announced the opening of its “Advanced-Technology Innovation Center Naka (ACN)” demonstration and collaboration base in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture. This facility will serve as a demonstration centre for the aforementioned products, as well as a place to start and promote the development of new analytical system products through collaborative activities at the company’s design and development base.

In a wide range of industrial and scientific fields, such as semiconductors, materials, and life sciences, analytical system products such as electron microscopes and probe microscopes are used for structural understandings, dimension measurements, elemental analyses, and physical property evaluations in various phases from research and development to quality control.

Demands for integrated analytical data of multiple aspects acquired with various instruments have increased in recent years, particularly to elucidate structures and properties of the specimen in multi-scales from centimetres to nanometers, particularly in the context of intense competitions for the realisation of carbon neutral or for research and development of 5G products.

To respond quickly to such demands, demonstration bases in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture, and Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture were consolidated into a new demonstration base with all product categories equipped. In addition, the ACN was established in the Hitachinaka area, next to the design and development base, as a collaboration centre for closer collaboration with domestic and international customers. Together with Hitachi High-design, Tech’s development, and manufacturing teams, ACN personnel will develop novel analytical and metrological solutions in the fields of “semiconductors,” “environment,” and “safety and security.”

Demonstrations of products and operation trainings for customers are held in the ACN. In light of the new work style “After COVID-19,” continuous improvements in customer convenience will be sought by strengthening remote support capabilities in line.

From the time the ACN opens, Hitachi High-Tech will quickly deliver integrated solutions based on its group’s core technologies: “Observation, Measurement, and Analysis,” as one of Hitachi’s Lumada’s important activities, will contribute to customers’ advancements and growths in cutting-edge fields through these solutions, with the goal of furthering customer satisfaction and business enhancement.

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